Wednesday, 21 March 2012

WOYDTW - What's on your Dining Table Wednesday !

Not at my desk this week - but on my dining table in the conservatory where the light is always the best in the house !

Work has been bonkers for the last 3 weeks and having had to work over the weekend there's been precious little time for crafting !

But I did make 2 hours on Saturday to do some of the exercises in my new Watercolour for the Absolute Beginner ! So it was various fruit for me - which are a bit clunky but not as bad as I thought I would be - and a country scene which is very amateurish !! Well we all have to start somewhere ! The big step forward for me is to be actually doing some painting - not cowering timidly too intimidated to pick up a brush !!

Anyway not much else to report - just to wish you a happy week's crafting !

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

WOYWW - Easter Bears !

Things were pretty busy last week - I was so glad to be back home after a week on the road & a different hotel bed each night !

As we had a lovely sunny day on Sunday, there was more action in the garden than on the work desk !

But at least I did get to put my Easter cards together !

I'm not much of a card maker so they are not exactly sophisticated - but when I "do cute" I do like the Forever Friends Bear !
These were the FF Bear stickers layered onto Tatty Teddy Spring Papers with Easter ribbon & some Easter sentiments.

Now at least I know these are safely made ready for Easter - just in case the garden calls in the next couple of weekends !

I also succumbed to some new dies from X-Cut - I thought the triangles were just fun & would make some funky background shapes for when I am scrapping pages.

I only have one other alphabet die - and when I'm scrapping I always need quite a lot of letters for titles - and I thought this font looked attractive & a good size for pages.

The flower dies should be fun to layer up too !
Anyway - have a fun crafty week too !!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

WOYWW - What's On My Work Bed ?

Hi bit of a crazy week this week - back in England for various meetings & three nights away from home in Wales. Have you ever slept in a round bed ? Well last nights hotel room near Sheffield was in a sort of turret and so the room was almost round - and they had positioned a round bed in the centre of the room - it was a bit bizarre but comfy enough!
Trouble is I have to have pitch black to sleep & this room only had slatted blinds - no curtains - & a huge light outside just above the window - so it lit the room all night & I just can't get off if its light !
But the hotel had lovely grounds - gave me my first glimpse of spring blossom & a lovely sunrise over frosty winter trees this morning - so much was forgiven !
So I have taken this week's photo the night before so to speak - no work desk -just my bed - this time a new hotel in Burton on Trent ! I have my faithful net-book - nicknamed Baby-net ! valiantly trying to download my Life Book videos - says 18 hours to go but am hoping it won't be that bad !
I have been reading a fabulous book called Artist's Journal Workshop by Cathy Johnson an American author & artist.
I have been craving doing some "real" painting & sketching in my journal & looking longingly at other talented peoples work !
I love all the mixed media type art & enjoy getting inky & paint-y & I have read rather too many Art Journalling type book on these sorts of techniques - it's a weakness !
I used to worry about doing more reading than doing but if I enjoying the reading so much too - I think what the heck & so I have forgiven myself this vice !
But I do so admire naturalistic sketching & painting - Cathy's book is a joy - do get it if you have any aspirations in this direction ! She is straight forward & down to earth, has really useful but engaging exercises to get you going - and so many lovely journal sketches & paintings to inspire. I saw it on Amazon & wasn't sure - but its a delight & I heartily recommend it !
I also found a book called Watercolour for the Absolute Beginner & it is really a hold you by the hand, step by step book to get you going - I'm looking forward to trying some of the exercises at the weekend.
I have brought my Book of Days on the trip so I can keep up with my daily entries & my art bag hoping I would get to do something - but after so little sleep last night I sadly don't feel inspired to do anything creative tonight!
Anyway I hope you have a less "dashing about" week than me & wish you happy crafting !