Tuesday, 29 May 2012

WOYWW - Trying some more Watercolours & Drawings Done !!

So life has been getting in the way of crafting the past few weeks - work conference in Ireland, having to go into work 3 Sundays in a row, a trip to Düsseldorf & Amsterdam for work and finally a gorgeous sunny weekend which had us out of the house & up in the Brecon Beacons & then on the beach at Pembray Country Park.

So lots happening but not much crafting !

I did create the June pages for my Book of Days - all themed for the current Great British Summer thing going on - using the Portabello Road papers & stickers - I'm sure about all the Jubilee Twee stuff that's going on in every shop & public space !! - but thought it would be a shame not to mark it in my book !

The one thing I did make time to do was to spend a few hours in the garden trying to make sketches of some of my favourite plants emerging - knew I needed to catch them before all the unfurling was done !!!

So on my desk today are some new drawings I have had a go at - I need to keep practising my drawing & water colouring - I am hoping that if I keep at it my skills will improve !!

Not sure what else will get get done this week - especially if the sun keeps shining !!
Hope you all have a sunny crafty week !

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

WOYWW - Scrapathon !

Well there have to be some silver linings from a damp bank holiday weekend - and mine was something of a scrapathon !
Apparently it was National Scrapbook Day in America on Saturday - so it was good to get in the spirit of it !!
I had a printed & trimmed a veritable pile of photos from when my family came to visit over Easter - so I sorted these into layouts from the various activities we did on the different days - and got busy with the papers & the double sided tape !!

I can't really say that the layouts are works of art or creatively stunning but at least the layouts are done, the memories are captured, the photos are safely stowed in the scrapbook album & available to be seen & enjoyed ... rather than stuck on a hard drive somewhere ! So job done !!

Hope you all have a happy scrappy week - or what ever crafty fun it is that makes you happy !!  

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

WOYWW - Birds Abound !

So on my desk today - a big mound of photos hot out of the printer & ready to take to Scrapbook Club tomorrow night - apparently the Zumba class in the main hall - who were making the whole building shake with 1000 decibels of music blasting out last time - have been asked to find another venue - so hopefully we'll be able to think in a straight line this time ! Apparently the whole street could hear them !
And I finally finished my canvas for the challenge in the local art shop - not sure what they will make of it as all the others I have seen on display are proper pictures painted on the canvas and mine is definitely of the mixed media persuasion - anyway it was fun to do & nothing to be lost entering it !!
 So not much else going on ... got my May pages ready to go in my book of days & that was about it ! Hoping to be able to get stuff planted out in the garden this weekend - glad I held back as I think they would have been washed away in the past weeks deluges !!

And want to do some more of my Watercolour Journal class too .. anyway hope you have a fun crafty & drier week !!