Sunday, 17 January 2010

What a difference a week makes !

We have at last seen the melting of the snow & on Friday my garden finally reemerged from 15 days of snow cover. Not much in comparison to those parts of the world that freeze for months on end - but the longest I have ever experienced !!Never thought I would be so glad to see heavy rain - but after 3 years complaining about the rain in Wales it was fabulous to see it defeat the snow & the roads & pavements become safe again ! Now we just have to wait to see which of our plants have survived the freezing temperatures & the snow .. that won't become clear for a few weeks I think.

We finally got to swim - yippee! And a walk in the Botanic Gardens where I saw my first snowdrops of the year - and even a few daffodils about to break bud. How miraculous that all that was waiting under the snow !

No time for crafting this week - but have prepared a project kit to make a mini book of our trip to Pembrokeshire last September - for when I get a creative slot come up !

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow = time for crafting !

It's an ill snow storm that blows no crafter any good !! With Wales in the grip of the longest freezing spell in 30 years, we are just venturing out to do what is essential - and then coming back to our nice warm nest to huddle ! With the garden out of bounds - and the ironing done ! - there is time to get crafty !

So I have worked on the first 2 pages in my Art Journal. After a month Journalling my Christmas (and I was delighted to have kept up & finished this project & tucked it up for the year with a nice silver ribbon !!) I was ready to dismantle that project box (that worked so well - having all the likely stuff I would need in one box meant being so much speedier & less time wasted hunting about for things - note to self - do this again !!). I needed an antidote to red green & blue - so inspired by an article in Feb's Craft Stamper magazine - I wheeled out my new Invoke Art Heart Stamps & heart punch and went for a full on dose of sugar pink - layering onto mulberry paper & glimmer misting before adding the hearts. A nice bit of sugar-y sentiment to start off my Journal !

On my new page per day calender at work there is a little motto each day - and I loved the one for Thursday. "Great ideas need landing gear as well wings". How true - an idea just floats about as a fluffy cloud unless you actually DO something to get it into action. Hence the ideas floating about as clouds, then shaping up into more box shaped and then some grounding gear, some wheels & a steering wheel to drive the idea when I've got it landed. It was fun to take the phrase & work up the idea into something pictorial !