Tuesday, 19 July 2011

WOYWW - Chaos on the desk

Oh boy am I well over due a huge clear out on my desk - chaos & clutter reign supreme ! I have my laptop taking up most of the desk - hence the stuff piled on top ! To the left are some photo frames waiting to be altered, on top a Jersey £1 note waiting to be scrapped with our pictures from last weekend's rip to Jersey with Mum & Dad. And a couple of Home signs I have gesso-ed up to start altering - one for me & one as a gift !
Centre stage is my folder of printed out prompts from the new Shimelle EXPLORE class - signed up late & beavering to keep caught up ! So have made my Play-Book, taken my "me in the mirror" self portrait & have to find a post card to post back to myself about my "adventures" - such as they are for Mrs Risk Adverse here ! To the right is a Pringles tin which I have painted black & cut an aperture as part of a packaging mock-up for work! I really must make time to have a massive de-clutter at the weekend !!! Have a great crafty week !

Off Exploring !

Just found a new class from Shimelle starting yesterday & signed up for a 4 week project on the theme "Explore" - just been reading everyone's introductions on the forum & I love the feeling that girls are joining in from all over the world - all parts of the US & Canada, Australia & NZ, Singapore, Holland, Germany, Switzerland & Sweden - and even the Middle East & South Africa - big world becomes small village !!
We had been given a challenge to create a "no Scrap Club over the Summer" personal mini book - so this will keep me on track to do mine !

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Five Year Quilt - finally in Situe

Just to prove that the Five Year Quilt (vintage 2006 to 2011 !!) finally got made & found a bed to lie on - here it is in place on our spare bed in Spain ! It's strange how given that I love the colours SO much & am really happy how it turned out that it should have taken me 5 years to finish !!

I think I had just moved on or away from quilting as our life changed & we moved to Wales & I
became more engrossed in scrapbooking, altered art & papercrafting - making a quilt seemed such a huge project !

And it is time consuming but I was surprised how much I did enjoy it once I got going again (and somewhere deep in my brain remembered what to do !!) - so maybe there is hope for all the fabric still in my stash to one day get made into something !

Anyway - finding the time for any projects seems hard at the moment but whilst time in the garden is possible I don't intend to fret about it !