Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year ?

So here we are with another year behind us and a new decade about to begin. Somewhere along the line we stopped celebrating New Year's Eve - but I usually feel at least a sense of anticipation & of new beginnings. But somehow this turning year feels flat and uninspiring !

So maybe time to set out some ambitions - as well as the usual "try to loose weight, get fitter, eat more healthily" !!

So some crafting ambitions - I really do want to try to learn to draw this year - and to use more crafting goodies than I buy !! And to be more creative in my scrapping - surely I can use all my lovely stamps more effectively ?

And to get an art journal going - just somewhere to play & be creative - nothing for public viewing !! I just need to START - and not think & fuss & dither- just get stuck in & get messy !!

So lets take a deep breath & head into the new decade - hoping for the best !

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Oh no it's not... oh yes it is !

So Boxing Day - and the traditional family walk - for those of us in the mood it was off down to the Millenium Walk in Llanelli to blow away the cobwebs by the sea !
Then after the equally traditional Boxing Day meal of cold meats & pickles - plus a smattering of party foods ! - we set off to the Panto - Sleeping Beauty at the Swansea Grand. Rich had decided we would go in style and booked a limo !! So we had a swishy trip there and back - and lots of booing & cheering in the right places at the panto too !

Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas !

Well here we are with another Christmas Day drawing to a close ! The presents opened, the cava quaffed, the turkey dinner munched - the Christmas telly programmes watched & all in all we had a very pleasurable day together !! The Christmas meal went very smoothly and I was complimented on the table settings ! We have had every weather imaginable - from an icy start & clear blue skies to such a massive storm tonight that - with a thunder clap that was like a bomb exploding - the whole street was temporarily plunged into total darkness as the power went off everywhere for a minute before kicking back in ! I had some fun gifts all of which were appreciated & apart from that it would have been lovely to see my family, it has been a good Christmas so far !

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve ...and all round the house - all sorts was stirring !

The family made their respective treks through yesterday's snowy weather - and made it safely ! We now have guests in every bedroom & even camped in the study - lots of life & fun in the house. Rich & I got let out of work at 1pm, so can spend the afternoon relaxing & watching Christmas films on the telly !
Just a photo of the bird cage all it up - a bit of Christmas whimsy !
Merry Christmas to any bloggers who stop past !

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas Crafting !

The list of things to do this weekend was extensive - lots of bed making for impending guests & a pile of ironing still lying in wait for me ! But I did get time to craft a last couple of bits - I wanted to make my own place cards for the Chritmas Table - and have struggled to think what to do - in the end some wired ribbon came to the rescue ! A few gold pegs from an unused "hang up your Christmas cards kit" and a bit of stamping & they are ready to go !

I also finished my little birds & popped them into their Christmas bird cage !

First snow fall of this Christmas season fell unexpectedly overnight .. all very pretty but a pain to drive & walk in !!

I am pleased that I'm keeping up with my JYC pages - yesterday's & todays just completed.

So now off to rescue my adorable husband who is cleaning the oven !! And blow up guest beds !!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas Countdown

So we are well into the Christmas countdown now with quite a few things safely under our belt - cards & presents done, even a huge casserole slow cooked & in the freezer !! This weekend as well as last minute food shopping - and maybe a new top to wear Christmas Day !! - plus a frenzy of bed making for all the guests I really want to get the place cards made. I've had the templates of these on my desk for weeks trying to get inspired to do them - perhaps a deadline will focus my mind !! I also have my little Christmas birds cut out & stitched but not turned through or stuffed & finished - so that's another job !!

So no crafting pictures yet - but I am very pleased with how this recent picture turned out - taken whilst crossing the Severn Bridge as the sun was rising last week !

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Journal Your Christmas 2009

I've been so busy trying to keep on track with this year's Journal Your Christmas with Shimelle Laine, I've sorely neglected my new blog ! The class starts each day with a "prompt" - an e-mail with ideas & suggestions for that day's page - it runs from 1st December to Twelfth Night. So far I am at least managing to do something for it each day - if not actually get the whole page done !

I'm really pleased with how my tree is looking this year, and am feeling virtuous as all my presents are bought & wrapped, all the cards sent - and yet still there is that nagging feeling of stress at the bottom of my tummy that I might not be quite on top of things & no-one will enjoy coming here for their Christmas. I need to get a bit more food planning done & the conservatory decorated to lower those adrenalin levels - let's hope I can pack a lot into next Sunday !!