Tuesday, 12 January 2016

WOYWW - From Scrapheap to Scrapped !

Hi !
This past Sunday - as the 63rd consecutive day of rain did it's worst outside - I had a mad urge to gather up photos & mementoes I had  abandoned after printing them out 9 YEARS AGO and scrap them !

Where did that come from ?
The rain must be driving us all batty !
Anyway in 2007 my sister turned 40 and I took her on a surprise weekend to Barcelona with our Mum & my sister's own sister in law.

She didn't know we were going abroad until we got the airport as I had smuggled her passport out of her house !

Anyway we had a fabulous weekend jam-packed with sightseeing, great food and invented a new catchphrase - "Drink girls ? Mines a Cava !"

At the time we got back, I was in temporary digs having sold one house but not found another & in the turmoil I lost the original photos and only had some printed out on ordinary paper - so never really got around to scrapping them.

Last week I found the Gaudi themed book I had bought on our trip, the mementoes & just sort of plunged in !

The quality of the photos isn't great - but the memories were precious & so enjoyable to revisit what fun we had !

Mind you it was a bit of a shock how young we all look !!

As I mentioned last week I am also doing the Wanderlust mixed media course - I "lifted" the ticket they emailed us as our confirmation of payment on the course and used it here on my title page.

The first journal page is on the theme what word describes you right now - my mood is "open" - open to new experiences & opportunities - so that's the theme for my page.

I also did a quick page of this weeks Journal 52 - well it never did stop raining !
The challenge this week was "What are you saying "yes" to right now".
I needed all these bright colours to banish the rain-soaked blues !

Have a great crafty week !
Ali x

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

WOYWW - Happy New Year 2016 !

Well a very Happy New Year to all the Deskers round the world !

I hope you have all enjoyed your festivities - we certainly had a good time !

As well enjoying time with family & friends, I was able to keep up with my daily Christmas Journal - just the writing each days journal & making sure I had taken photos was enough to keep me safely on track !

Then last weekend, once the decorations were safety stowed back in their boxes in the roof space and Much Beloved was away in Manchester to watch football, I had time to print everything out & get the Journal finished.

It was satisfyingly plump with memories by the time I finished !

It is such a good way to remember time with my family !

And our fun New Year's Eve with our friends Lynda & Robert - with a delicious Mexican meal that Rich my Much Beloved cooked !

And the fireworks from over the Thames were amazing - even on TV !!!

With an extra day off work on Friday I had time to get a bit of crafting done too !!
So I finally caught up with Lynda & my 2015 Tag challenge - I had fallen 3 months behind what with all the stitching for weeks pre Christmas ! So I plunged in to get all three finished !

October was "Autumn Colours"

November was "Seedheads" (guess who chose that theme - well you know how I adore a good seedhead !

And December was Christmas Glitz !

Lynda was much futher ahead than me - so here are her November & December tags next to mine !

I didn't do Journal 52 much last year - maybe I needed a break after 2014 - but am going to at least dabble this year !
Here's Week One which feature my "watchwords" for 2016. Carpe Diem - Seize The Day - I feel the need to grab opportunities & not to let things slip by me !

I can seldom limit myself to "a word for the year" !
Well I am a Libra - never use a sentence when a paragraph will do !!

Wanderlust 2016 photo
And this week I have just started the Everything Art on-line course Wanderlust 2016 - which will be about mixed media & art journalling techniques.
I'm looking forward to seeing what they have in store for us !

Wishing you all a happy & healthy 2016 !
Love Ali xx