Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Five Year Quilt - finally in Situe

Just to prove that the Five Year Quilt (vintage 2006 to 2011 !!) finally got made & found a bed to lie on - here it is in place on our spare bed in Spain ! It's strange how given that I love the colours SO much & am really happy how it turned out that it should have taken me 5 years to finish !!

I think I had just moved on or away from quilting as our life changed & we moved to Wales & I
became more engrossed in scrapbooking, altered art & papercrafting - making a quilt seemed such a huge project !

And it is time consuming but I was surprised how much I did enjoy it once I got going again (and somewhere deep in my brain remembered what to do !!) - so maybe there is hope for all the fabric still in my stash to one day get made into something !

Anyway - finding the time for any projects seems hard at the moment but whilst time in the garden is possible I don't intend to fret about it !

1 comment:

  1. It's so beautiful! I'd make it into a wall hanging *lol*
    My mum made me a quilt... took her a year - and it represents the four seasons. It's so beautiful (like yours!) I can't bear to use it in case it gets ruined.