Tuesday, 14 May 2013

WOYWW - Venture into ATC !

Hi hope everyone is having a good week ?

The rain is lashing against my window tonight & the temperature is barely 6oC - so last week was obviously summer !

Blink & you will miss it !

Last Saturday my friend Lynda, her friend Nikki & I went up to the RHS Flower Show at Malvern.

At lunchtime the heavens opened - just as we we well away from any shelter - so we got soaked to the skin !

So we squelched about in the afternoon - clothes clinging to us like a soggy shower curtain - trying to dry out !

Still we had a great time looking round the show gardens and got lured by some lovely plants too !

So there I was on Sunday - also trudging about gardening in the rain - trying to get all my new plant friends planted out as I am away next week !

So with all that gardening not much crafting got done - but I did make my venture into ATC's - for the WOYWW swop next week - not sure if I have done it right making them the same design but I planned one for my "asterisk" swop WOYWWer and one each for my friends Bella & Lynda - plus one for me to keep !

Anyway - hope the weather is better with you then me - have a great week !!
Ali xx


  1. Wow, those gardens look wonderful! Pity about the weather. The ATCs look perfect (excuse the unintended pun) and I also do them all the same for something like this. Can't wait for next week!

  2. Hi Ali Commenting from my sick bed. Glad you enjoyed Saturday. My photos are still firmly in the camera! Your ATCs are great. Shall I make one? What sizes etc... any theme? Might not do it anytime soon as my brain is totally flu fuddled. Not blogging today, not sure what day I thought it was but not in real world this week! x

  3. Hi Ali, sending you some California sun shine!! Infact have all you want, it is starting to get hot here. Those garden pictures would be worth the soaking to me, they are gorgeous!! Haven't posted WOYWW yet, still Tuesday afternoon here, will get to it a bit later. Have a great week yourself!!

  4. Hi Ali, the weather in the South East isn't much better! More rain forecast for today as well. The photos are wonderful...hope you managed to finish all your planting. Happy WOYWW. Pam#15

  5. 60C is way, way too hot for me. I have lived with the high 50s, but never hit 60 before. I hope you have a way to keep cool. Of course, I also hope those plants don't wilt or have heat stroke. They are lovely, though. And your saying is simply PERFECT.

  6. hope the weather didn't spoil it too much for you.fab photos i love flowers . well done 4 ATC's I only managed one and dont expect that will improve either have fab week and hope the weather doesn't dampen your spirit

  7. Happy WOYWW. I am officially miserable with the current weather. Thermals are back on! Love your ATCs. Mine are still just an entry in my notebook, ie on the To Do List. I expect it will be a last minute thing for me as usual. Ali x #28

  8. it is so cold again, I can't believe it... I hope to go to Hampton Court this year for the show there - your photos are great!! Helen, 17

  9. Plants look colourful on this grey windy cold day in the uk
    Well done on getting on with your ATCs
    Jackie 6

  10. Lovely photos. You did a wonderful job on your ATCs. So pretty. :)

    Have a great day. xx
    Roudi #60

  11. Love your ATC's - doesnt matter if all the same design - if they were all different we would want one of each - LOL!! Happy WOYWW ...Mxx #65

  12. Super ATC's and lovely flowery shots, loving the brick arch
    Hugz Minxy #19

  13. Hi Ali
    I am with you on the weather the wind was bashing around my windows last night what is happening.
    I love your ATC's you have made I am busy trying to make some as they are new to me
    I hope you have a great day today and enjoy WOYWW.
    Ria #22

  14. Your ATCs are lovely. Lucky swappees.

    Waving hi from the bears @#97 this week.

  15. Gorgeous plants at Malvern, I must remember that next year, its not that far from me. Great to see the ATC coming along- I have to get started! Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #85 xxx

  16. Your ATC's look great. Those flower pics are beautiful. Happy crafting #4

  17. Your ATCs are great! I haven't started mine yet. yikes!
    Marianne #64
    ( you've visited me already...thanks! )

  18. Sounds like a busy week. Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz@130

  19. Great ATC's, I especially like the birdhouses.
    Happy Wednesday Karin 144

  20. Wow... love your beautiful flowers. Those ATCs are awesome, too. Thank you so much for sharing. ^_^

  21. Hello Ali,

    I was sure that I had commented before but don't see my comment. I got your message and would love to trade ATC. Let me know if you are still interested! And those are fabulous pictures you have taken!!!!
    My e-mail is vfmpp@sympatico.ca


    Vicky # 107