Tuesday, 13 May 2014

WOYWW - Painty Explorations !

Well, we have a painty evening planned for Scrapclub Wednesday night !
We are planning to be using Paperartsy's lovely Chalk Fresco Paints onto glass jars & then stamping on top of this - so fingers crossed we all get on all right with the painty project !

I haven't done this technique for the past couple of years - so I thought I ought to have a bit of a dry run at my desk last Saturday !
We were having a very stormy day - with the garden disappearing under a debris blanket of fresh new oak leaves & twigs - such a mess !
So I spent the afternoon ignoring the outside world & playing at my desk !

This is the small practice jar I had a go at - it was given to me by friends in Spain & it used to have honey in the lower jar & almonds in the jar that forms the lid. Here it is painted & stamped - with some treasured gold to finish it. You can also spy a few butterflies punched from the punches I bought on a half price deal at Hobbycraft last week !
Lynda & I have been intending to start a rainbow journal - with each page themed on a colour from the rainbow & I had done nothing about it - paralysed by blank page syndrome & indecision !

So whilst I had paint left over from painting the jar I decided to take the plunge & just get the background colours laid down onto some watercolour paper sheets !
So here on the desk today you can see I have worked through the rainbow with Fresco paints - & even dug out my Gimmermists - which I hadn't taken out of the craft cupboard for months - to get the base of each page started !
So now at least I have somewhere other than a blank white sheet to get me on my way !

I have been buying magazines too !
The Rose Garden sheet of stamps came with Creative Stamping magazine & the Lavinia stamps were free with Papercraft Essentials.
Tracy from Lavinia was the first to bring these silhouette style fairies & nature stamps to the market & though many, many stamp companies have copied her style but I still love her original artworks.
I do try to support her work & not her cheaper me-too imitators ! I am looking forward to playing with these next weekend !

I set up a mini-production line with stamps, glue, gems & Stickles & finally got my ATC's done for the WOYWW crop at the end of the month !

And just to finish, I came across this House of Zandra decoupage design at Ally Pally last month & just knew I had to make it for Lynda's birthday card  - I do find decoupage very calming & therapeutic !

Lynda loves her garden - so this seemed "just her" !

Hope you have a great crafty week
Ali x


  1. Andrew finally got to the post office for me on Saturday morning as I ran out of daylight hours during the week, so I hope it arrives in time for the crop. We have had lovely weather and my pansies are looking stunning. I must remember to take updated photos tomorrow for you. I can see why that mag with the rose garden stamps on appealed to you!

    I too hate a blank page...so daunting. Great job on your rainbow journal so far!

  2. PS: I see you have been to my blog. I think I should have been a paper engineer...if there is such a thing. 3D is just my best way of working, the decoration is superfluous... It is the structure that intrigues me most an working out how to do it.

  3. That is a very cool jar, love the way you have it decorated.
    Your rainbow book sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing your pages.
    Krisha no # yet

  4. Fresco paints are fab for projects like that, hope it goes well.. Your rainbow book sounds a lot of fun. Helen 7

  5. Hi
    It's been a while I know, since I last managed to link up but I'm back now and just popping my head round the door to say hello!
    Your jar is cool, fresco paints are fab for things like that.
    Thanks for sharing your creative space and I hope you have a good week too.

    Neil #10

  6. Great pictures! Love the jar, looks awesome! Lynsxx

  7. You always have a some different projects on the go, Ali - that jar is fun! And Lynda's card is really lovely...perfect for her :-)
    Looking forward to seeing you - not long now!
    Hugs, LLJ 22 xx

  8. Lovely jar Ali. Have fun tonight :-(((((( x have managed to join in at no 60 this week! Xx

  9. Hi Ali - you've made a great job of the jar. And I'm very jealous of all the lovely work you've produced this week! Hugs, Chris # 23 x

  10. Hi Ali, lovely jar.
    I have also got the free stamps from Tracey. I have known her for a long time and love her designs. I have just completed a panel and canvas using her downloads.
    Happy crafting, angela x 50

  11. HI
    wow you have been very busy the jar look stunning love the butterfly. I've never heard of fresco paints. the rainbow pages sound sliek agreta ide and loveteh colours you have used so far..hope you wil keep us posted on progress.great birthday card too and sounds perefct for the receipent. have a great week hugs andrea #11

  12. Loving the rainbow journal idea and the sea horses on the blue page are stunning... Being a Mermaid I love all things sea-like lol.

    Emily #61

  13. That jar looks really great and good for you getting your ATC's done for the crop. I am working on mine still. Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 90

  14. Hi Ali,

    I love the little jar! Did you use acrylic paints? The leftover paint certainly makes a great base for your rainbow journal pages too. No waste, I say!

    The stamps and your ATCs look fun. Have a great time at the Crop!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (35)

  15. Lovely little jar and I love the card you have made for your friend its lovely happy WOYWW - Nicky #30