Tuesday, 23 September 2014

WOYWW - Back To Reality !

So after an amazing relaxing week's holiday in Turkey -sun-bed, delicious food, warm swimming pool, delicious food, drinks, delicious food, Kindle & books, delicious food, pool, delicious food, walking in the gardens, delicious food, blue skies & warm sunshine, delicious food, amazing electric storms, delicious food - oh and did I mention the delicious food ! - here I am somewhat heavier but very chilled out !!

And after unpacking and 11 machine loads of washing and a mass watering to try to revive the dry garden I did actually squeeze in a bit of crafting !

I am up to "T" on Lynda & my ABC ATC Challenge - I decided to do the theme of "Time" and had a happy hour reacquainting myself with some old Paperartsy stamps !
Hidden behind are some other ATC's - they are hidden for today as I have just sent a couple things off to Bella in Cape Town today and I have popped one in !

Lynda & I are very excited as we are off to The Stamp Attic for a class with JOFY on Saturday - really looking forward to it - and it's my birthday treat as it's my birthday on Sunday !

A few months ago Much Beloved decided we couldn't live without a new broadband hub - and on the box it arrived in it said "Please recycle this box" - well who could refuse an instruction like that !

So here is a work in progress using some of my JOFY stamps to get me in the mood for Saturday !

Just one slight hiccup - I put my thumb out of it's socket in that well known extreme danger sport of moving sunbeds !

Had to be my right hand too !

So I am strapped up and wincing each time I have to grip something - I can't believe how much I use my thumb for all manner of things !

 I enjoyed a new book on holiday - Jill Berry's Map Art Lab - and even had a bit of fun designing a cartoon style map of our hotel !

Have a great week !
Ali x


  1. Was just scheduling my own WOYWW post for the morning and checked my blog reader to find you've already published yours! sorry you've hurt your thumb - hope it doesn't stop you crafting at the weekend... lucky you, I've always wanted to go to the Stamp Attic! Your holiday sounds fabulous apart from the injury! Your upcycled box looks gorgeous. Helen

  2. Your work is really wonderful. I hope you hand feels better soon. #3

  3. Didn't the box turn out well after you altered it.
    I would be temped to send the company a picture & ask them is this what you meant when you said recycle the box. Just to see what they would say. Happy woyww Jill #11

  4. Its funny how we have the same amount of days on holidays as we do at home and yet we seem to have more washing on holidays than at home. amazing
    Bridget #1

  5. I quite agree - you couldn't possibly ignore such an instruction! And what a success - well done. Great re-use of the box.
    Glad you had such a wonderful holiday - just wondering if the food was up to much - as you didn't seem to mention it...(cough, cough)
    Have a great week - and a fantastic birthday - mine this week too.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #18

  6. Sorry about your hand, Ali, but glad it's not cramping your style! That box looks wonderful, and it's great you're having such a happy, creative time. Enjoy, Chris # 14

  7. Did it have to be the right hand??? The bandage looks quite cool though! But your work is wonderful - love that recycled box! Your holiday sounds just like mine always does - relaxing, but a killer for the waistline :-)
    Gabriele 8

  8. Oh how exciting! Thanks for popping something in the mail for me! I am busy with a box for you too! Will let you know when it goes in the mail...we are currently in the middle of a postal strike, so it could be a while, wanted to send it last week already and the doors were closed. Love how you have recycled that box and I do hope your thumb comes right soon, nothing worse than a hand injury, makes you appreciate every little digit though! I did laugh at your yummy food, followed by more yummy food...right up my ally! Enjoy Saturday, can't wait to see the pics.

  9. Hi Alison, I enjoyed reading your blog post and laughed out loud in several places! I love what you did with the broadband box! I find that book intriguing as well - I'll look it up! Hope your thumb is back to normal in no time! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #22

  10. Hi Ali, pleased to hear you had a good holiday but sorry you got attacked by a sun bed, we've had a few incidents with collapsing ones!!
    love the box you are recycling, not sure how you are managing with a damaged thumb
    Take Care Jan S xx

  11. Hi Alison, so glad you had such a lovely holiday. I can appreciate what trouble you are having with your thumb strapped up- earlier this year I developed Trigger thumb- also on my right hand. It got to the point I could not bend it at all, and trying was so painful. GP told me to rub Ibuprofen Gel into it 3 or 4 times a day, and if that didn't help, then he'd do a cortisone injection. Well, the gel worked amazingly well, and as well as curing it, took all the pain away too. May be worth a go? Hope it fixes realy soon for you,
    Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #25 xxx

  12. Oh dear, ouch to the thumb joint - but glad you had a good holiday ... including the delicious food. Great idea to recycle the box in that way. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are having a great day and have a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #69 x

  13. Happy WOYWW! My life seems so boring now I have read all of that, lovely holiday, JOFY class - I am jealous (apart from the injury)! Loving your altered box.

    Cazzy x #70

  14. Despite the accident, hope you had a great holiday. I agree with Shaz, I often use Ibuprofen gel if I have an ache but don't take the tablets at the same time.
    Love the altered box and the stamps.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 36

  15. Sorry to hear about your hand I hope you have a speedy recovery. It sounds like you enjoyed your holiday and the FOOD TOO.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Gang

  16. MAP ART??? this sounds like a lotta fun!

  17. And a jolly fine job you made of that recycling too! It's a really fun box :-). Poor you with your thumb though...I bet it catches all the time...
    I will give you a shout next time I'm down, it's hard going dealing with dad at the moment.
    Hugs, LLJ 34 xx

  18. Oh your vacation sounds incredible!! Well, all except the sunbed disaster!! But what I really want to know is...was there any delicious food???

    My daughter and her new husband are leaving on Sunday to go on their honeymoon to Cancun, and will be eating, drinking, and sunning themselves too, for a week. I think I'm starting to get jealous of all these sunny warm vacations!!!

    Happy birthday to you!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Amy E. #74

  19. That book looks so interesting - must check it out. What an awesome piece of art on that box!

  20. Happy Birthday on Sunday! Glad you had a wonderful holiday. Your projects are great. Happy WOYWW. ~ Laura #80

  21. Now THAT was a holiday 'my style'... hope the food was good too *lol* I love to recycle boxes and stuff, what a great one you have there! I do have a 'map-book' by Jill, but it's another one as you show here ("Personal Geographics") I bought it a few years ago and I enjoy flipping trough it and get inspired again every now and then - maps are fun! Thanks for stopping by my desk yesterday. Hope your day is sunny, colourful and inspiring and filled with delicious food! Hug from Holland, Marit #47

  22. So the food was delicious? :D sounds like you had a wonderful holiday. So sorry you hurt your hand hope it heals quickly. Have a wonderful time at the Stamp Attic and Happy Birthday. Thanks for popping over to my blog. Anita #50 WOYWW

  23. Love the recycled box, must look out for those stamps they are gorgeous! Hope the hand recovers soon. Take care, Karen x #48

  24. Hi, thank you for visiting my page. Sorry for the late comment...
    How's your hand? Hope it's better now or you won't be able to wield those stamps! Lol!
    That recycled box looks great!
    I also enjoyed your other posts, especially the one about the poppies (WWI).
    Thank you for letting me look over your shoulder,

  25. Hi Ali,

    Happy birthday! I hope your class was a blast and your thumb didn't give you too much trouble. The recycled box looks great. I love the stamps you used and also the colors. What do you plan to do with it? Store something crafty, I imagine?

    Thanks for visiting me earlier. I can't believe it's Sunday already.
    Happy WOYWW,
    kay (31)

  26. Sorry to hear you've hurt your thumb, Ali, and I hope it's better soon. Difficult to rest it when you want to get on with things, isn't it. What a simply gorgeous recycled box! I have a little stack of similar boxes after our solar panels were fitted and they are being saved to store things in, but I haven't thought about altering them - one of my future projects is to alter all the small cardboard boxes I have for storage. Glad you had a good holiday.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #35