Tuesday, 19 May 2015

WOYWW - Back At The Desk

I have been AWOL for a while, away on holiday and not engaged in any sort of crafty action !

We had a lovely week with Much Beloved's Mum, Sister & Brother in Law in Ras Al Khaimah - just relaxing by the pool, strolling on the beach - and a day trip into the hustle & bustle of Dubai city !

Gorgeous hot weather - 38oC plus but such a dry heat as our resort was on the edge of the desert - so no energy sapping humidity to deal with - just lots of relaxing with a Kindle and a cocktail !
And celebrating our 22nd Wedding Anniversary !

Back home we had a Craft Club meeting last week and everyone brought in an MDF project to work on - mine was a Bird House money box with an Owl - so lots of gesso, paint and embossing to get the wood like textures. Only partly finished so I need to find a time slot to get back to it !

The garden called me all day on Sunday - and boy am I paying for it the past couple of days - I have Gardener's Thighs - I can barely move and am creaking about like an ancient lady !
I am amazed what has happened with my Rhubarb this year - a huge flowerspike has erupted out of the massive lush clump of stalks ! Has anyone seen this before ? Does it mean that my plant will die off now or will it be okay ?

Wanted to show you the card I made for Lynda's birthday last week - obviously I couldn't show you until I had given it to her ! Are you getting the Gardener theme !

We headed off to a family run nursery down on the Gower to buy some bedding plants for our summer pots - the menfolk came along & sat patiently on a sunny bench gossiping whilst we shopped !!


Then we headed down to The Worm's Head at Rhossilli - as you can see the views are stunning - even if we did nearly get blown away !

This week my Workdesk is a disgraceful mess - just a dumping ground at the moment !

To the right I have all the bedding plant labels, grouped by the pots I have planted up - these will go into my Garden Junk Journal when I get a minute. In the middle I have a couple of new embossing folders - as you know by now I am a total sucker for anything with seedheads on it - so how could I resist !

Then on the left I have a pile of bits & bobs from our holiday - really need to find time to scrap at least a couple of pages.

Seems like scrapbooking is a dying past time here in the UK - I had a letter from our last remaining scrapbooking magazine to say that due to lack of interest they were closing down - and we have found that the shows have hardly any scrapping stuff anymore - are Desker's in other countries finding this happening too ?
Seems the whole mixed media movement has made scrapping un-cool & off trend.
Shame really as it is a lovely way of capturing memories !

Whatever your crafty inclinations are - have a lovely week ! Ali xx


  1. Great photos from your holiday and time with Lynda too.. we were talking at the crop about the scrapping mags going out of business - blame was cast at Pinterest and the internet generally. Love your very busy desk!! Helen 7

  2. I must agree that scrapbooking does seem to be a dying trend. I do many different forms of crafting but always like returning to scrapbooking . Happy woyww Jill #10

  3. i think the death of the magazines is more down to pinterest and the internet you can you tube a technique now and watch someone do it in the middle of the night if you wish. i still scrap lots but i buy most of my supplies from Hey Little Magpie online

    nice busy desk :) great card too :)
    Happy Woyww! Have a great week :)
    Charlie.x #11
    or find me here

  4. You've been busy! Glad you had a good holiday...don't think I could stand that sort of heat though...must be my viking blood that means I prefer cooler temperatures, lol!!
    And look at that gorgeous pic of Rhossili...gorgeous!
    Hugs, LLJ 15 xx

  5. They say as messy desk is a good thing, I feel refreshed just looking at your holiday pictures
    Bridget #2

  6. Wow at the card! Its fab. And i love the owl on the birdhouse! Always nice seeing holiday pics! Lea number 24

  7. Definitely a garden themed post.. you sound busy and happy. I love the better weather and getting outside but am always torn as I want to be in my craft room as well! I think it's the same for many of us. Happy WOYWW Cindy #25

  8. Lovely pics and can't wait to hear what is happening with your plant and the flower spike. In Australia scrapbooking is fading quickly everyone seems to be doing mixed media. I do a bit of everything just like a bower bird. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @32

  9. I guess it has something to do with the amount of light the plant gets, here we have long light nights, and rhubarbs bloom every year, we usually cut the stalk, so it won't waste energy on making seeds... if you let it bloom (and even if you don't) at least part of the remaining leaf stalks will start going soft and wither away. So eat it while you can! Our leaves are still only palm size, won't be able to eat rhubarb before june!
    Happy woyww from Finland
    Kristiina #34

  10. Scrapping is alive and well in my neck of the woods, honest! I think the magazine problem is caused by the internet and also..how many LOs arent really all the same?! So glad you had a nice break in Dubai, love that photo of you all in the pool...bliss. I don't know how you fit it all in, but gardening is high on my priority with free time this week. It turns into a wreck before you've even put the mower away!

  11. Ali it's good to see you back, I was getting worried! Anyway looks like a good time was had by all on your hols.
    I bet rich is chaffing at the bit seeing your messy side of the room!
    Jan x

  12. love how the birdhouse is coming on and snap on that embossing folder, I got that last week too.

  13. Wonderful photos...and the birthday card you made is oh so lovely. :)

  14. Sounds like a wonderful vacation and happy anniversary. LOVE those embossing folders. A quick peek at rhubarb info indicates it's probably better to cut off the bloom before seeds set.Happy WOYWW! #53