Tuesday, 9 June 2015

WOYWW - - A Bit Of A Painty Project !

Well I am back at my craft desk this week after a business trip to Düsseldorf last week.

I saw this building just opposite my hotel on the other side of the Rhine and it made me laugh out loud - so I though you might enjoy seeing it too !

Look at these colourful figures clambering up the building !!

This weekend was sunny - if a still chilly with a sharp edge to the wind !

Nevertheless we took advantage of the sun to tackle a painty project !

We had been meaning to paint these garden ornaments for the past few summers - and finally set to it !

We had an anchor, a heron, a sundial and a pump to do so we spent a happy if very messy couple of hours sitting on an old shower curtain with a nice big tin of black Hammerite paint between us - we know how to live !

Anyway we think it was worth the effort now they are done !

On Sunday afternoon we headed down to Burry Port for a walk and a stroll on the beach - I never get tired of these views we have so close by !

And finished the afternoon off with a BBQ - as you can see Much Beloved chose to wear his most conservative and low key trousers !

On my desk this week I have a couple of half made projects !

This one is the June part of the 2015 challenge that Lynda and I are now half way through - this month we drew Embossing and A Quote as the 2 parts of our challenge - this just needs putting together !

And a card I am making for my Dad - annoyingly it just isn't coming together !
The images are getting lost in the background - I am going to take it to Club tomorrow to get some inspiration & advice from the girls on where to go next ! All ideas welcome !

Just one last thing to share - do you remember the spray painted cow parsley I showed you a few weeks back ?

Well here's where it ended up - this was inspired by the art I saw a lady selling at the market in Cirencester a couple of months ago.

I couldn't justify buying one although they were lovely - and I kept thinking about them and decided to have a go myself !

It isn't as refined or stylish as the artist's work I saw but for a first attempt I feel it hasn't come out too badly !

 Have a great crafty week !
Ali xx


  1. Having not seen the original artists work...I think yours is very refined and stylish! As for your DHs pants...I would wear those! Love them...tell him he has wonderful taste in clothes from me. Love those characters climbing up the building too.

  2. Hi Ali, love the photo of the building, pleased to see you back after another trip.
    I have a box like that just waiting to be used! I like what you did with yours, simple bit lovely
    Jan s. No 41

  3. That building is fabulous, Ali! Hope you're getting lots of ideas for the card - I'd layer up the images onto black card to make them stand out more, just with a tiny border...look forward to seeing what you settle for! Happy WOYWW Helen, 3-

  4. oh, I meant to say, I once painted a whole car (it was only a Fiat, so quite small) with red Hammerite... took a few cans! Helen 3

  5. Looks like you've been a bit busy recently. Love the building pics. and your beloved's trousers, quite fancy a pair myself. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela X 24

  6. Love is...sharing a tin of Hammerite and a paintbrush with your sweetie! A good job done in good company and sunshine to boot... Nowt better. Loving this months challenge..two things I could actually put together!!

  7. Great pics again, Ali, and a nice busy desk with lots of gorgeousness on it. As for your hubby's low key and restrained trousers, could you please post a photo of him with his funky ones on lol lol!!! I wish I could funky up my hubby a bit... He's far too conventional! There's no restraining me with my orange, purple and blue hair these days! When people look askance at me, I say that the chemo certainly does have some weird side effects lol!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #31