Saturday, 6 February 2010

Guardian Angel ?

I have been dabbling with the next page of my art journal this week - moving things about until I liked the final look of them!
The page was a coming together of inspirations. The theme was inspired by my finding a small white feather on the lap quilt on my sofa.
I have heard from somewhere that if you find a lone white feather somewhere unexpected that it has been left by your Guardian Angel as a reminder to have faith that they are there looking after you. It's quite a comfort to believe this at the moment when we are so concerned about Mum.

The style is a combination of ideas - I am reading "The Art of Personal Imagery" by Corey Moortgat in which she gives ideas & techniques for including pictures, images & photos into a collage style which has some personal meaning. I have seen quite a lot of what I call modern American or "Stampington" style collage but whilst it can be quite attractive it does seen a bit derivative & cliched with its wings & crowns and "inspire"/ "believe" & "journey/ discover" words dotted around !

But I decided to take it in the right spirit and take some of those very motifs and make a page about my Guardian Angel. The image is from Kelly Rae Roberts beautiful artwork in her enjoyable & inspiring book "Taking Flight" - the inking & painting ideas from "Personal Imagery" - so a bit of fun with some of the things I have been reading over the past few months.

Here's hoping that my Guardian Angel is here with us especially when we need her at the moment.

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