Sunday, 21 February 2010

Mixed Media Mosaics

Well despite not blogging for a while I have been trying out a new craft technique - making my own mixed media mosaic tiles. The technique is taught in Laurie Mika's excellent book Mixed Media Mosaics and she combines really clear and encouraging instructions with some inspiring examples of her own work. I have great fun finding a way of using the Sculpy clay I had bought in a way that really appealed to me. My messy mat has a grid marked on it which made sizing the tiles much easier and it was fun adding the beads & charms. The most amazing technique was brushing the raw clay with mica powders for stunning colours & pearlescent affects.

The tiles represent the four seasons and are added to a box frame in which I have featured my new Owl stamp. All in all I'm pleased with my first attempt - even if my tile edges are a bit wonky ! That's one to work on with my next piece !!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful. The owl stamp has a real renaissance kind of feel to it.