Wednesday, 6 October 2010

WOYWW - Time Ladies Please !

Hi there -hope everyone is well this rainy Wednesday !

Not much action on the desk this week except for the project I was playing with on Sunday.
I spotted this clock in the sale in Homebase on Saturday & thought it was crying out to be altered ! (I've shown a before & after above).

So I gesso-ed the shiny surface & then worked in Distress inks & Glimmer mists. I used some of my Ten Seconds studio molds to create the metal work & inserted the centre panel and added the outer rim. It looked a bit unfinished so I added a couple of layers of Viva Crocco paint to get a crackled finish. I really pleased with how it's crackled (my best attempt yet !) but the gold is very brassy & garish - does anyone know if I can tone it down by gently adding something over the top of the Crocco paint ? Would a Distress Ink work ? Pumice Stone maybe ? Or an acrylic paint - would I have to water it down ? All suggestions gratefully received !
I did a couple of extra crackled pieces to use in scrapbooking or embellishments - so I could have a trial run on these !!
Have a great crafty & creative week everyone !


  1. Oooh I love that clock - sorry dont know about toning it down though. Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl (28)

  2. I'm no help to you with ideas but I do love what you've done with it sor far.
    A x

  3. I have no sensible suggestions except that if I were doing it, I would just try everything and hope that something did the trick.
    You could always gesso over it thinly and keep on adding layers, which may be ok if you sand them back!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have fun playing anyway
    Sue xx 88

  4. Hi Ali,

    If you really feel that you can't live with it as is, Distress ink will bot be a perm.solution, you would need to use Archival or Stazon if you want to sponge an ink over it.

    Very cool clock BTW, can't wait to see the finished item.

    Lin (77)

  5. great job on the clock! Now you've just left me to wonder where my nearest homebase is?!?!

    WOYWW #78

  6. Hi Ali,

    Love the clock and the gold doesn't look brassy from here.

    A.x (22)

  7. I'm with Lin - use an alcohol or distress ink that is a couple of tones darker than the solid base colour and gently and lightly apply a new layer - before you start paint a patch on a similar surface then practice with a tissue/wipe applying A Little Alcohol Ink or Distress Ink as once you do it, it is permanent - but you can paint over the whole thing again if you don't like the result...

    oorrrr - sand it lightly and rub it with a darker colour -

    just break up the solid single colour a little, some how, some way, if that is what is bothering you?

    I actually think it looks fab as it is...

    Dx 63

  8. How clever you are> I would have walked past the clock, altering it wouldn't have entered my mind! I don't have much to offer in terms of changing the gold colour, but surely if you rub any other medium in it will just fill the crackle gaps and darken those bits?

  9. Brilliant job with the clock. If you've crackled it, Distress Ink should work but only on the cracked bits. Pam (21)

  10. Ooh - wish i had seen that clock. Fabulous - and I agree Distress Inks.

  11. Fabulous clock :D
    Jules (72)

  12. I never would have thought to alter a clock! Like how it came out but can offer no advice on how to tone it don I'm afraid!

    Brenda 105

  13. Great clock and wonderful for transforming - well spotted! It doesn't look brassy to me from the photo. My only suggestion for toning it down is those metallic rub on pastes - but I don't know how well they would work.

    Sherry (117)

  14. I had intended to stop by and visit anyone who left a comment, then it got me confused, so decided to go through the list anyway (grin). I'm not sure what that paint/crackle is, but my suggestion would be either shoe polish (paste) or rub-n-buff. Either should get into the cracks, tone down the gold, but leave a hint of the gold, too.

  15. I think your clock is amazing. I wish I could see 'something different' when looking at plain pieces. very clever you.
    Luv Joanne xx

  16. It was a great weekend ... and it was great to meet you! LOVE that clock!