Sunday, 3 April 2011

A few projects & some new stash !

I was lured by some new stamps this week & with the miracles of Internet shopping & mail-order by phone - and first class post I could order on Friday & be crafting by Saturday !

The Pod's caught my eye on the Artistic Stamper's website & I had fun making some stamp board panels to decorate this papier mache bag.

I finally finished this spring greens & yellows tick tack toe board that I had started months ago - it was supposed to be like a sampler of techniques - all brought together by the common colour way.

I have finished my canvas - spring Jack in the Green - Summer slumbering & waiting her turn to arrive.

I have been playing in my art journal as well - trying to follow techniques of how to draw faces .. but more of that another time !

I'm off to play with a couple of lovely stamps from Earth Art International - based on Pacific Northwest Animal Totem art - I remember seeing similar when we were in British Colombia on holiday - the designs are fabulously intricate & I am now mulling over how I could use the stamps.
I was interested to read what the animals symbolise - the owl is obviously wisdom but also the guardian of souls & the dragonfly symbolises thoughts - all those restless thoughts that skitter through the brain - like the dragonfly over the ripples of the water - but also aware of the depths of the water & the deeper thoughts & hopes beneath ...

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