Saturday, 22 October 2011

Watch the Birdie ...

Another fab day at the Autumn Artsy-Crafty Weekend !
Always a long day but so enjoyable - today was metal work (I always forget how much I enjoy the metal stuff & now vow to do more of it at home !!) and lots of paint.
Cunning use of ordinary kitchen foil - all scrunched up then painted & sanded works a treat to create textured surfaces !
Layering card strips & shapes below the thin sticky-backed metal then refining them to show as sort of silhouettes afterwards looks brilliant !
Constructing the bird houses was a 3 woman job & we agreed it was a very bonding experience to all pitch in with each others houses - short of renting an octopus for the task there wasn't a hope of doing it on your own !!
Blending our own paint colours was fun - I came full of intentions to go with Autumnal colours but as the new paint colours hadn't arrived from Leandra's manufacturer these were off the agenda - so I went with a sort of Damson - which they all teased me matched my shirt perfectly !
At lunchtime as the sun was out I had a brisk walk round the block (penance for the berry cheesecake !!) and found some cute pine cones & feathers which were happily recycled into my birdhouse project !
Such a shame this is probably the last class here - the end of a happy era in which I have learnt such a huge amount ! All the more reason to enjoy tomorrow to the full !

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