Tuesday, 1 November 2011

WOYWW - Huddled in my workroom away from the winter rain !

So here we are with the clocks changed for the Winter - dark going to work in the morning & dark coming home at night ! The only fun place is amongst the clutter on my work-desk !
Here we have the Industrial Chic configurations box project which I didn't quite get finished at my Artsycrafty Weekend - what a big step outside my comfort zone with the paint effects & style - but brilliant to have the chance to try something new! After a bit more gluing & decoration to finish it off & I think it looks really cool !
I also have my new Paperartsy Hot Picks stamps which I am looking forward to playing with !
I'm also having a play around with my own version of what I saw the girls had done on one of the Lynne Perrella workshops - taking a photocopy of a face & overlaying with paint & other decorations - early days but fun to experiment with a new style ! Hope everyone has a happy crafty week !


  1. Yay, steampunk Artsycrafty box - I have one of those (Warrington weekend.) It was a great project. Like your idea of having a go at the Lynne Perrella project - may just join you on that one.

  2. I'd appreciate bigger pictures of what you're doing! Your projects look really amazing! I want to see it closer! Patsy from

  3. Love the Hot pIcks stamps- I think I NEED those, lol.

  4. Your desk is a total tribute to the skill of the artsy crafty weekend gals - in that you continue to be inspired after the event. Really like your configuration box.