Tuesday, 26 June 2012

WOYWW - Scrapping with Mr Joggles !

Hi Thanks to everyone who stopped by last week to give advice on Mr Rhodri Joggles - he decided that being a Gardener was his vocation !
So I made him a little gardening jacket & trousers - found him 2 upturned flowerpots to sit on, a spade & a fork - and a basket for all his garden produce !
Oh and a camera - as like me he loves to take a photo record of the garden in bloom (well if it ever stops raining long enough to snap a photo !).
I'm not sure I have his face right & may stitch on hair when I get back from my hols ( we're away next week yippee !!) and he needs a hat but I've no idea how to make one !! But at least he's on his way !

On the other side of my desk are the new "Beautiful" papers & brads & the other bits & bobs I have pulled together for my mother in law's scrapbook.
I love the picture of her holding my husband as a 1 year old baby - her dress is pure 1960 & I think she looks like a film star from that time !!

Question for you all - if I were to use Distress Inks on fabric (calico or Lutrador) and then stamp over them & use the fabric to decorate a plain felt tote bag I have bought - if the bag were to get wet (we are talking West Wales here - so think constant rain !!) would the inks run & the colours come off on my clothes ? Or are the inks fast once they are dry ? Or do I have to set them in some way ? All advice gratefully received !!

Have a great crafty week & hope the weather is better wherever you are than the chilly drizzle we have here Take care !! 


  1. Loving Mr Gardener - he actually looks great without hair! No idea about the DI/fabric/West Wales dilemma - I am sure someone else will be able to advise (it is raining a lot in Pembrokeshire - and lots more forecast for the coming week). Ali x (no number yet - as still Tuesday)

  2. mr gardener is fun..i think the inks will run..
    have a great week.
    ps i have some nearly a year anniversary blog candy! trace x 58

  3. Love the gardener and if you want a hat you could just draw a cloche shape and see how that goes. As for Distress inks, you can heat set them on paper but not sure how permanent they are on fabric. Maybe you could do a test.
    Agree about your glam mother-in-law and the car you can see in the edge of the photo is so 50s/60s.
    Ann B

  4. LOVE the gardener!! He is fab!! Nope, Distress inks aren't a permanent ink even on paper, so they will run all over the place if they get wet! To stamp on fabric permanently you need either a fabric ink like VersaCraft, or check out Rangers Clear Fabric Medium that you can add to the archival/pigment pads to create a fabric paint! Hope that helps! Trish xxx #75

  5. As others have said, the distress inks aren't permanent. However, you could experiment and cover them with acrylic medium. That adds a layer of waterproofness and might work.

    Hope that helps. cheers, rachel #68

  6. Super cute gardener. To make my distress inks waterproof I use a sealer by judikins but I'm not sure how that would work on fabric.

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #54

  7. Old photos are so precious, love vintage loook on them
    Bridget #28

  8. oh p.s. you can come anytime to my place and craft
    Bridget #28

  9. I like Mr. Joggles. Sorry I'm late returning the visit from WOYWW. Lots of interesting things to see at your place. Off to visit some of this week's WOYWW.

  10. Love Mr Joggles Ali, will he be joining us at the BBQ at your place???

  11. Hi Ali,

    Oh, I'd love to borrow Mr. Joggles for my backyard. I just know he'd have fun! I hope you get an answer to the ink question as I have no idea. I have a few distress inks but really don't even know how to use them properly! Shhhh

    Thanks for visiting me already and leaving a lovely comment!!

    Kay #36

  12. Mr Joggers is adorable! Loving him! I would look for stazon or an alchohol based ink for stamping something that might get wet. Not 100% sure that DI's wont run. Have a great holiday! Happy WOYWW! -Amanda x 64

  13. Yay! Mr. Joggles! I don't know if those inks would be permanent, I happen to be stamping on fabric today in my woyww--the inks I use have to be heat set, and then they are washable. I've used them before on personalized baby clothes that were washed many times, and the colors stay very true.

    Thank you for commenting on my daughter's pages last week, and Happy WOYWW to you!
    trisha too

  14. mr joggles is looking good,thanks for sharing
    happy blogging
    kay #69

  15. Hi Ali, Mr joggles the Gardener is fab! But he needs a monocle :-)

    Think your Distress inks would run as they are water activated, maybe try spraying with fixative spray?

    Happy woyww

    Debs #146

  16. Love your gardener! A real eye for detail there.
    Re the Distress Inks... they're water based so aren't colour fast. They are especially made so they will react to water and thus create special effects. You are going to need a permanent dye ink for sure. It's a good idea to look at the manufacturer's web sites for the properties of their inks.
    Good luck and glad you like the robots.
    joZarty x

  17. The inks would run if they got wet since they are dye based. How about using acrylic or fabric paint to stamp on the tote bag? You can stamp with paint as long as you wash off your stamp right away. Rhodri needs a nice straw hat to complete his outfit I think, you know, to keep the sun off. Great old time photos, btw.

  18. Mr Joggles is awesome. I think everyone has covered the distress ink issue but...you can use the dye inks and iron the piece and chances are it would fade out but not run. I stamped a bag and it is still going strong. Have a great week. Vickie #159

  19. Hi there Ali ah do lve Mr Joggles he is so gardener like as you say he needs a hat maybe google small doll hat pattern or ask Wipso or Jan a sewer would know how to do it - or make a paper one then cut a pattern from it,..ha too many ideas already happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x

  20. Thanks for visiting me on this wet WOYWW week.

    Love the scrapbook pages :)

  21. love the border strips. I havent done much scrapping with B&W photos, might get some printed. I think it allows a lot more flexibility on colour choice.
    thanks for popping by earlier

  22. Hi Ali. Isn't Mr Joggles wonderful?
    I am not sure that 133 miles is "just up the road" by the way or is there another one?
    As for inking fabric with distress inks, you would be better off using colour wash, by Ranger, and heat setting it as distress inks are affected by water!
    Just a thought!

  23. Hi, Love mr Joggles.. wish I had a crafting partner like him!! He cant answer back or say he doesn't like what you're creating!!!
    As for the question have a look on you tube, just put in your question in the search box and there will be someone posting a video to show you what to do. I have never failed to find out how to do something on you tube...check you my channel while your there (hannahjulienigel) I have some tutorials for papercrafting.
    Happy crafting X Julie

  24. oh, mr. rhodri is looking good! a straw hat would look good, wouldn't it? sorry i have no idea about distress inks. hope someone does. happy WOYWW!
    hugs, #23 peggy aplSEEDS

  25. Lovely photos and embellishments. Mr Joggles is fab! Thanks for sharing

  26. Hello! Your doll is so cute! I like his dirty pants, very garden-y.

    Annie #138

  27. oh yes, this is Mr Joggles, I remember not being able to see the pictures! He is even more fab than I imagined!!
    (Lyn) Happy VERY late woyww!