Tuesday, 24 July 2012

WOYWW - Cards & Retail Therapy !

Hi Hope everyone is enjoying having a good old nosey about the work-desks this week !
On my desk you'll see a mixture of crafty activity & some "cheer me up" retail therapy which I succumbed to in last weeks downpours !

On my desk I have couple of new embossing folders - saw a lady on TV doing sanded embossing onto Cordinations card & it looked great - so keen to have a try with these !

Also a card just finished to send off to my Sister for her birthday on Monday - she has had a horrid time at work with the nursery she helped set up for little ones of 2 years old being closed down by their new headmistress & she'll be loosing loads of working hours per week when they go back after the school holidays.
It's all been very sad for her so deserves being pampered so hence the Hot Diggerdy Dog Bubble Bath theme !

Also whilst I do really like arty & distressed & shabby chic style projects - I am also a terrible soft touch for cute ! Couldn't resist this Boofle stuff - need to work out how to make cards with it all now ! All suggestions & ideas welcome !!
And last but not least I was lured by all the Art Journalling blogs raving about them, to "invest" in some of the Dylusions Inks - the colours are so vibrant - really looking forward to creating with them ! I had the Lime one & got lured by the others !!
Does anyone have any tips on just spraying what I want & not everywhere else on the project (and on me !!!) ? Does it work if you squirt some out onto a tile or some such & apply with a brush ?

Told you I'd been a bad girl on the shopping front !

Well, the sun FINALLY shone in Wales this week - just have all my fingers & toes crossed it stays warm for when my Mum & Dad & Auntie come to stay on Thursday !!

Have a great crafty week !


  1. Oops lol, I'm late with woyww this week and just noticed this post is woyww for this week, I was wondering why you hadn't got any comments yet lol. I am loving all your new purchases and the sprays are lush, I have some of the old dylusions and they are brilliant and vibrant. I have a box that I tore the top and front panel off, I leave a really thick piece of card in it, then some normal copy papers or cardstock, I have been using it now for 11 months and it's great for spraying, flicking paint etc mine is a smallish box it fits a sheet of A4 perfectly. Lovely card for your sister, such a shame about the nursery. Happy woyww :-) Kerry x

  2. no i can find woyww either ...looks like you have had fun shopping..oh those yummy sprays..yes you can paint with them...and you can water them down for more watery colour...they are great ..have ssen people putting piece to spray in a large pizza style box..or spray booth...mine go all over!!! have a great week trace x

  3. Happy WOYWW. Jealous of your shopping. I am on a mission to pay off my credit card, so no stash for me for a while. Ali x #12

  4. Hi Ali, couldnt find you on the list, must be my eyes, anyway glad to see you are spending, must have a look for those inks, everyone seems to be using them.
    Just posted off my challenge to Joey, hope you liked it
    Jan S 88

  5. I don't know what Boofle is, but he is adorable! Thanks for sharing! -Meechelle #112

  6. popping in from woyww.nice haul. Cute card. Happy creating

  7. i love spray inks! (sitting typing with blue fingers!!!) I like squirting them onto a pallete or saucer and then sponging them on...love the colours but don't always want the sprayed on 'dotty' effect!! Trish #55

  8. We have some Boofle die cuts in our card making stash, he's such a cute bear (but not as cute as us!)

  9. My first WOYWW, and I love it so far!! I know what you mean... I see everyone using these sprays and it always looks amazing. Love to see how you get on!
    Alison x

  10. I've seen these sprays but haven't bought any. Might have to give them a try..

  11. So far most sprays I've used weren't really to my liking, so maybe these will finally be vibrant and bright in color. I may try them. I love the stickers of the knitted animals, they would be perfect for my journal! Thanks for coming to see my (empty) table and enjoy your new goodies.

  12. Lovely shopping, I thoroughly approve of blaming the weather! If you want a spray finish, you need to spray the card...a small cardboard box will act as a spray chamber. Put it on a tile etc for direct painting or colourwashing. Yum. You'll love them.

  13. Hi Ali !
    Brilliantly busy desk and nice to have so many projects on the to do list!
    Have a great week

  14. Oooh lots of lovely new stuff to play with there! When spraying inks if I dont want a mess everywhere I put them in a cardboard/pizza box. Thanks for visiting me. Sunshine Girl #1

  15. New toys are the best to play with :)
    Enjoy creating and experimenting with them.

  16. Those do look like fun! I can't wait to see what you end up doing with them :)

    Katie (109)

  17. Fun looking desk there! Sweet card for your sis, too...and the Boofle bear is just adorable! We don't have him here but in your stickers he looks like he wants to give a hug...so maybe you could use him for sending hugs to people? Like cheer up cards or Boofle sends a huggie so feel better soon cards...? He is so cute that I'm sure you've more ideas than stickers! Hope you enjoy all your fabulous new toys...I don't have the dylusions but I've some other sprays and I've been contemplating using some masks to get them to not go everywhere on my card, aside from doing the spraying in a shallow box, of course to just keep them from going everywhere everywhere. I would think if you want the spray effect in just one area you might need to make a mask for the rest of the card, with just the area you want sprayed cut out, and then spray away. Well, thanks for stopping by my desks and leaving a sweet comment! Sorry its taken me so long to come round to your desk...it was my finals week for my Bachelors degree, but its finally over now so yeah!:)
    Deeyll #144

  18. That sounds like a lovely visit. We had a bears' holiday in Wales in 2005 and the sun didn't stop shining. Clear views all round at the top of Snowdon. We're extremely jealous of your Dylusions, they're on our very long wishlist.