Tuesday, 7 August 2012

WOYWW - Calm in a Madhouse !

Hi hope everyone is well ?
Don't faint but I have had a mega-blitz tidying & literally scrubbing my craft desk clean !

It is my spot of calm in what is a madhouse this week - with everything else in chaos it was something I could get tidy & under control !

We are having our bedroom redecorated & a new carpet laid next Friday - so the dining room is crammed with wardrobes, the parts of the bed & chests of drawers !

And the conservatory is festooned with clothes & drawers from all the units !

Whereas our bedroom is stripped bare - it's very strange how small the room looks with all the furniture removed - wouldn't you think it would look smaller full of furniture - not smaller empty !

So Saturday was a heaving & shifting day - all the stuff from the room had to be moved out - with Rich's disability he's not able to carry anything at all - so he gets frustrated at not being to do what he'd like to do & stressed at me getting frazzled & worn out doing it all !
Two great colleagues came up to the house to shift the heavy stuff I just couldn't budge !

By Sunday I had had enough of all that - and took refuge in having a total strip-down of my desk and cleaned off weeks worth of ink, paint & mica powders !

Then I was able to get stuck in creating a couple of pages for my journal.
The first page was inspired by a phrase that came up on my calender on Friday - "Life may not be all we want - but is all we have" !
So I used some stamps that came free with Craft Stamper magazine & then some lovely grasses stamps I ordered from the Craft Shed - I have a terrible weakness for these grasses, dandelion and seed-heads type stamps - I can't resist them !

and the second page was created spraying my new Dylusions Inks onto card & then sticking these pieces into my journal - this was to stop them soaking the paper & spoiling the other side.

It is about us selling our original holiday house in Spain. After 13 months on the market -this was a real relief - yet tinged with sadness as we were very sentimental about the house as it was our first venture into owning a home in Spain.
It was our bolt-hole and we had a lot of happy times there.
We decided to sell as Rich wasn't able to cope with all the steps now & so wasn't able to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle.
Our new house is lovely - and we are hoping to make lots of new happy memories there!
But we'll always have a soft spot for "nuestra casa" !

Anyway need to get on now & get my Mother In Law's 80th birthday card made !

Hope you all have a fun crafty week !


  1. Hi Ali! sorry to contact you this way, but there's no contact on your blog. You can order my stencils in the UK! just go herehttp://stencilgirlproducts.com/stencils-9x12
    they ship world wide. thanks for asking!

  2. Hi Ali, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  3. Love the butterflies on your journal page. Your room will be wonderful and worth all the moving when its done. Sandy :) #31

  4. wow! i'm so impressed that you got any artwork done with all that going on!
    i esp. love the butterfly pages :)
    happy WOYWW!!
    no. 11

  5. Your units look similar to ours. We love love love that second journal page, it's what we aspire to in our journal.

    The Bears #68

  6. Happy WOYWW and hope your house is all straightened up and organised soon. We are temporarily living in a rented house opposite our farm whilst waiting to get the farmhouse renovated (should be starting this autumn) and been here for nearly 3 years!! It is a lovely house, but not the same as our own - and we are really keen to get moving. Strange - my OH is called Rich as well. We must meet up some time, especially as you are not that far away. Ali x #81

  7. Lovely journaling. Hope everything gets organised soon. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Hope you have a good week. Hazel WOYWW #99 x

  8. Gorgeous journal page... Lot of work going on around the home.. will be worth it in the end... Hugs May x x x#40

  9. Hi Ali... yes it was the powdermills... How AmAzing is that... Hugs May x x

  10. I love your pages! I just got those inks while on vacation and I can't wait to use them!
    Happy WOYWW!

  11. Those pages you made are beautiful. I really can see how those Dylusions are more vibrant on your pages....just something else to add to the list of "want".. :-) thanks for visiting.

  12. Hi, Ali, I love your desk. It looks so neat. And your journal pages are fabulous!

  13. Wow - lucky that you have that conservatory to move things out to! I feel the need to do some painting at my place. Maybe it's in the air?

    Your journal pages are great!
    Yesterday was my blog anniversary - candy will be announced soon. As part of the candy I'm offering up something made by me -- so come visit and cast your vote (if you've already been - thank you. I'm trying to visit everyone this week so haven't checked in on my comments lately).

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #96

  14. Your journal pages are great, and how lucky that you have that conservatory it will be great in the end

  15. Happy Woyww, loving the pages, hope the house gets back to normal soon. I dont think my craft space ever looked that tidy ;)

  16. I'm really late getting round to everyone this week! Thanks for stopping by my blog though.

    My heart goes out to you on selling your bolt-hole in the sun. I lived in France for three years and was very sad to sell up - I wish I could have brought the house back to the UK! Sending you hugs...

  17. Hi there from a very cold South Africa. Looks like the decoratin g bug has hit WOYWW, I am in the process of redecorating my craftroom. What a job! Trying to sort through years worth of accumulated stash that was hidden away in all sorts of places.
    At least now I will know what I have and where it is,
    Happy very belated WOYWW