Tuesday, 9 October 2012

WOYWW - Back to Reality !

So here we are back in rainy Wales - is it just me or is Autumn really early this year ?
Its only the start of October and so many of the leaves are already glowing with their Autumn colours and falling steadily !
And here we are getting up in the dark, leaving for work in the dark & dark so early at night too - and months of this lying ahead of us !!

Anyway - to happier crafty stuff - but not much actually going on since we got home - as it was arrive home & straight back to work !

So I still have my box of shimmer misted things ready to scrap - and in the middle is a draft of a new project - it's going to be a roadmap of my life inspired by the "Personal Geographies" book I have been reading. I am going to work it up onto a background and add pictures etc - its a bit raw & personal at the moment so I'm not ready to share a close up !

My Mum & Dad sent me some birthday money which I spent on stash - I got myself some Radiant Rains shimmer pigments in a half price sale - here are three of them ! I am really looking forward to playing with these !

I have a new Lilac stamp from Sheena Douglass and a new flower embossing folder

Also my friend Jan in Spain gave me some lovely die cut pieces that she had cut for me - these will be fun to work into projects !

My Sister & I share out sending cards for our family - and we have a host of cousins with birthdays this month - so the only thing I have found time to do is whip up a couple of cards - I do love these Wellington Bear card making elements !!

Anyway - must dash ! Have a great crafty week !
Ali x


  1. Howdy,

    Your desk looks very productive this week. Have fun with the Shimmers - I recently concocted a slew of shimmer mists based on a bunch of videos I saw on youtube.

    Would love for you to stop by my blog when you have a moment or 2. My 3rd Bolgoversary GIVEAWAY is comong soon!


  2. Belated happy birthday, as well as happy WOYWW! The new stash looks great fun - the shimmers sound delicious, and what fabulous die-cuttings from Spain! I'm sure your cousins will love the cards - isn't it strange how family birthdays seem to gather in collections?
    Alison x

  3. Very nice desk this week! Lots of new stash to play with. I love the shimmers and the colors are awesome! Have a great week. Vickie #41

  4. Hi Ali, I know it is not strictly on your desk but I love the seed head background to your blog! Back to your desk - not much room to move today!!! Hope you have playing with your mists you are definitely going to have to move something if you don't want it all sprayed wonderful colours ;-) Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 57

  5. The personal geography book sounds like interesting reading. We love your cards, so cute.

    The bears @#97

  6. Hi Ali, Hope you have more success with mists than I have!
    Love the cards you´ve made with wellington, he´s so cute.
    Happy Wednesday

    Jan 111

  7. Crative desk for sure. Love the Lilac stamp...my fav. flower
    Krisha #30

  8. i like the look of your new goodies,enjoy :)
    have a great woyww
    kay #48

  9. Happy WOYWW and welcome back to Wales. We are actually planning a trip to Spain in the next few weeks. Haven't been since January 2011. Fab new stash. Ali x #67

  10. Those last 2 cards are great...Love the post box one and how you overlapped it.
    Should be fun to see what you make with the glimmer sprays from family. Your friend sent you some lovely die cuts! They look so inviting bursting out of the package!

  11. Those look like really huge bottles of radiant rain, happy raining tee hee
    Bridget #4

  12. Wow, that's a full work desk....looks like you're going to have fun! The lilac stamp is beautiful; bet you can't wait to ink that up ;-)

  13. Very busy desk and I love your birthday stamp , lucky lady
    Toni #120

  14. Very busy desk and I love your birthday stamp , lucky lady
    Toni #120

  15. I love that Sheena stamp! Look forward to seeing how you're going to use it. Btw despite preparing backgrounds only managed a couple of pages so far! Thanks for visiting! Chris#111

  16. Yes Ali.....Autumn is definately here in soggy Wales. I am not sure it is here any earlier but we are still waiting for the summer! We went from Spring to Autumn this year!
    Love the goodies on your desk today and that Sheena stamp is gorgeous! Wow! I can see alot of potential with that stamp. I may look out for that at NEC next month but there may be just too many temptations for me!!

  17. Lovely cards! We have yet to get fall here in Tucson, Arizona - high still around 90 degrees (Farenheit) but hoping for 70s tomorrow. You have lots of great projects in the works! Looks like fun! ~stephanie~ #141

  18. Well done you on getting those Radiant Rains half price. They look amazing, and they will work really well with the embossing folder. Sheena did an amazing couple of hours on C&C just using these - genius! Hope you get some down time in between work now your back. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Buttons #82

  19. Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog. Love the Radiant Rains shimmer pigments you have bought. I have only got the Twinkling H20s paints at the moment and love them. Can't wait to see how you use them ;) Jules

  20. look at all the fun goodies you have out and ready to go! love the new embossing folder of lilacs! happy woyww-lindsay #142

  21. Hi Ali

    You have a really lovely busy desk - all the better for being creative with eh?

    I really wouldn't mind some of those radiant rain sets myself - don't they give off some fab colour. Maybe future peeps of your desk will reveal just what you can do with them.

    Happy (belated) WOYWW
    Paula x x x (#148)

  22. Hello!

    New stamps, new stash, new gifts - you have some hours of fun ahead of you, lucky woman! I look forward to seeing what you create! Wishing you a sunshine day!


    Barbara Diane

  23. Wow, lots going on in your WOYWW post this week, Ali! Good luck with the "road map of your life" project which sounds so wonderful and like something everyone should do. You have a lot of fun new goodies to keep you entertained! Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower, so I'm green about that new stamp of yours! Awesome birthday cards, too!

    Thanks for coming by to visit me already and for your sweet comments! I'm still WOYWWing my way around ... hope you have a wonderful week! Darnell #35

  24. Hi Ali
    Thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of Art Journals.
    Love all your stuff!