Wednesday, 2 January 2013

WOYWW - Ready for New Projects !

Hi Everyone - late joining today but somehow the New Year crept up on me & I haven't kept on top of which day was which !!

Hope you all had a fun New Year celebration ?

We had friends over for a meal & to see in the New Year together - we had a lovely fun evening with them !

Then the men went to footie yesterday & we girls went to see The Hobbit film - so we all got to do something we enjoyed then too !!

My desk is poised today - between the month that was - and the year to come !!

I have finished my Journal Your Christmas - the prompts go on 'til Twelfth Night - but personally I am "through it " by then & have my "what's next" head on !
So I like to finish my journal on the 1st January. 

All the pages are done - I just need to sit down with my trusty Crop-A-Dile and punch all the holes for the book rings I like to use to hold it all together.
Then I will drift through the pages adding a few embellishments & maybe a few gems for some bling, get some ribbons tied around the book rings - and off it goes to sit on the book shelf with it's brothers & sisters from years gone by !!

I had a quick look in the Hobbycraft store sale - not much to excite the paper-crafter but I did pick up a few bits & bobs such as the punches & houses die reduced by a few £ !
And I saw this lovely seed-head stencil.
If you stop by regularly you will know I am addicted to seed-head stash - stamps, stencils - I just can't resist any of them !!
So obviously when this stencil just leapt into my basket all by itself  - how could I not take to a good home !!

The interesting Chronology stamps were free with the new Creativity magazine - they look like a great fun new Art Journal page in the making, me thinks !!

I am ready to see what new projects pop into my head for the year ahead - and I am determined to USE MY STASH !! That is my resolution for 2013 - STASH BUSTING !!

Oh and to stitch a chocolate & mocca coloured quilt for our back bedroom,
to end 2013 weighing less than I started it
and to enjoy the year which will bring both my 20th wedding anniversary (May) & my 50th (gulp!) birthday (September) !!

Hope you all have a brilliant 2013 & looking forward to sharing our creative time together each Wednesday !!
Ali xx


  1. Love the look of your Journal. I've just completed a Christmas envelope book which is on my workspace. Sandy

  2. Hi Ali and Happy New Year...I plan to stash bust this year and have a major sort out. Loving your Christmas journal I'd love to do one but never seem to find the time.
    All the best for a creative 2013, hugs Erika. 59

  3. Our new bear resolution is to use stash too. We were going to journal our Christmas but never got round to it. Thanks for visiting the bears today.

  4. I'm going to stash bust too! Do you know of a particular hospice? If yes, I could send you some items to pass on to sell. Email me your address and I'll crack on with some stuff. But you sound an awesome seamstress if you're planning on sewing a quilt! Sounds lovely colour combo as well :)
    Happy New Year!!
    LLJ 31 xxxx

  5. You have lot to keep you busy, I'm making sure I use my stash, not just look at it. Thanks for you kind comments. Francesca #50

  6. I have decided to use up what I have that is consumable this year as best I can but stamps and stencils are not consumables right...Give me a chance I can reason this through for you. Thanks for visiting my desk and leaving such an awesome comment! Hope you have a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Look forward to your posts in 2013! Vickie #17

  7. I do like the sound of stash busting, I really should do the same. Love the look of your purchases, especially the little houses and the stencil is fabulous. Thanks for your visit. Happy New Year! Anne x #7

  8. Hi Ali, thank you for visiting my desk tonight. Your journal looks great. Wh at a great idea to use up the crafty stash, I think we could all do with that. Good luck with all your plans. Wishing you a happy new year. Em x #77

  9. We don't have a craft store where I live, but I did have a chance to do so when I visited my family last week. It iso much fun to go through their clearance and sales! Have a Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year, your journal looks great! Love the little stamps set.
    Krisha #114 late getting around

  11. I love the seed head stencil I can see lots of wonderful things you can do. Your other purchases look like they will be put to good use. Wishing you a craft 2013.

  12. Your Christmas journal looks fantastic...I made a very belated start to one this year and am unceratin as to whether or nt I will have the mojo to finish it! Thank you for sharing. Have a very Happy New Year. Caro #57

  13. Love your journal your christmas pages. Best advice I can give about the Gelli plate is to go to their youtube channel they have amazing video's.

  14. Thanks for dropping by Ali, visits and comments always appreciated. Good own you for journaling Christmas , always wanted to do this but I never seem to have time, maybe next time.
    Looking at the last comment I can see you have been asking about gelli art plates - had a look myself yesterday and they are now on my want list - may have to spend some Christmas money.
    Did you enjoy Hobbit? My Grandson wanted me to go with his last week but I got out of that one, couldn't stand 3 hours on my bum. Told him he could borrow the book if he wanted but he didn't take me up on the offer.
    Ann B

  15. Thanks for the montage info, must check that out. I have now seen those FREE stamps a couple of times and I WANT some! Thanks for visiting me and Happy New Year BJ#27

  16. I also resolve to use my stash for 2013! It is amazing how much stuff I have collected over the years. I also worked in a scrapbook store and instead of getting paid I got paid in scrapbook stuff!!! I loved it but I have stuff!! Thanks for sharing

  17. I am with you on using stash. Having just moved all my stuff from one room to another, it would have taken much less time had I not been such a hoarder! So I have to use stuff up this year- I kept finding stuff I forgot I had, but I also picked up the Creativity mag this week, just for the stamp!Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #41

  18. Hi Ali. My sign -- well, I would love for it to go out in the garden but my friends bought the wood at an antique store so it's too pretty and too old to go through all the weather!! :-( They attached a hook in the back to hang as wall art. So, we'll see....
    Your Christmas journal/LO's look great!!!
    Brigita #101

  19. Done with your Christmas journal - very impressive! I liked your 2013 resolutions. :-)
    April #133