Tuesday, 26 March 2013

WOYWW - Guilty Secrets !

Hi there
Hope all of you affected by the dreadful snow in the North & East of the UK are managing to to stay snug & warm - and maybe trapped in the house with only crafting to cheer you up ?? !!

Thank heaven we have escaped the chaos down here in West Wales - but did see a bit of the white stuff when I went to my sister in law's in England last weekend !

Being away all weekend - and consequently having no crafty time at all - is the source of the guilty secrets on my desk this week

Yes - shock, horror - those ARE shop bought Easter cards on my desk !
I usually love making my Easter cards but having been away earlier in the month & all last weekend - plus 11 hour days at work - I had to be realistic & acknowledge it just wasn't going to happen this year - so had to buy some if I was ever going to get them posted in time !!

I bought them at a lovely garden centre I went to in Surrey near my sister in law's home - they were also  selling all sorts of Easter decorations - it was like Christmas revisited - just with chicks, eggs & bunnies !!

I got lured by a little bird & bird house - and did think I could use them as templates to make some more of my own !!

The little bunny was being sold if you made a donation to the local hospice - and as he was so cute & it is such a good cause how could I not give him a new home !

The only creative venture on my desk this week is my little shadow box

I have recycled a box that came with chipboard letters in it - painted it & used some of the Chronology papers, embellishments & stamps to decorate it !
So at least I have something hand made to show you !!

Despite escaping the snow it has barely crept above freezing for weeks here - we are all so sick of winter !

I am using this picture to lift my spirits & to think that at least I did escape for a week earlier this month ! This is me in my "celebrate life" mood !! Thought it might make you smile !!

Anyway hope you all stay safe & warm - and for those of you in the Southern hemisphere - just to remind you to savour every last morsel of summer - winter will be with you all too soon !!

Have a fun time over Easter ! Ali x


  1. A chill is in the air in the mornings round here already, seems the seasons change as soon as Easter arrives. It is EARLY this year...We had a windless day of 29 degrees here and I took the boys swimming at my Moms. Hope you guys warm up soon and I LOVE the photo of you on the beach. Great box,I think I have one of those lurking somewhere too, only it still has chippies in...

  2. We bought some of our Christmas cards last year, it feels horribly wrong doesn't it? Sometimes needs must though. Happy new home to your bunny. Of course you had to buy him. :)

    Waving hi from the bears @#96 this week.

  3. I've had to buy a couple of cards or use a card kit, once or twice. That box is really cool. Try to stay warm. #98

  4. The Easter Bunny looks raring to go!

    Thanks for visiting me....
    A Happy Easter from a snowy Czech Republic

  5. Wowness..your shadow box is totally gorgeous and magical..fantastic work..and I adore your cards..so charming..love the bird and everything..so very pretty and enchanting! Thanks for your kind visit!
    Happy WOYWW

  6. Your Easter bunny is so cute.
    I love your shadow box. Great recycling idea.
    Such a happy pic of you on the beach!

    Happy WOYWW

  7. I think the occasional shop-bought card is allowed, even for crafters! Especially when it means you have time to create beauties like that altered shadow box - love it... And the happy pic on the beach is wonderful! Thanks so much for your visit - yes, it's great working alongside my mother, though I'm not kidding about the separate supplies to avoid fights!! Thanks for your visit and happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  8. Hi Ali, Dont beat yourself up about a couple of bought cards, sometimes it just has to be done. I love your recycled box, and your picture of the happy beach scene really made me smile - thanks for that. Thanks also for your visit earlier. Hugs Mo x #62

  9. Ohhh to be by the ocean! How lucky! Love your artwork! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier for WOYWW too!

  10. No need to feel guilty, Ali! You take your vivacious "celebrate life" feeling and you apply it to, well, life, and you end up being practical and buying shop cards and you end up being grateful for the wonderful trip away on the beach! Blessings abound!!

    Thanks for coming by to visit me. Have a wonderful Easter!! Darnell #43

  11. Oh, your beach picture gives me hope here in southern Maine, we still have woodstoves fired up. I love your project with the metal, watch pieces and heart with wings..my favorite things for sure. Thank you for visiting me through WOYWW, I love to connect! Cheers

  12. Oh yes, yes, YESSS - your last photo made me smile. It really worked too, as I see the sun peeking through the curtains this morning... but it IS still too cold in the Netherlands too...
    I don't blame you for buying cards - after all, we cannot do it ALL ourselves. I do love your recycled box - that binocular-stamp is just wonderful! Thanks for your visit to my blog yesterday and happy Easter! Marit #85

  13. Lol, that last shot made me smile! You're so right, in the midst of all the hassles of life , we should take time to gambol around like spring times and enjoy just being!!
    I love that little bird house...definitely inspiration for further work I'd say!
    And I really love your new blog background!
    Hugs, LLJ 59 xxxx

  14. Brilliant photo :0)
    Absolutely Love your box design x
    Happy Easter WOYWW Heather #86

  15. Hi Ali, were you near me in Surrey then? I raided the garden centre last year for Easter trinkets. Love what you have done with the box, great idea to use it too. You've reminded me that i haven't masde Easter cards for my hubby and son ...yet... and I need a baptism one for my friend's 16yr old for Sunday too. Thanks for visiting me. BJ#67

  16. We had a bit of sun this morning but then it was back to snowflakes again this afternoon. Where on earth is the Spring??!! Your project is so cool!

  17. Actually Ali, I''m all for bought cards if you want them..hey, support one industry or another huh!! I think the real guilty secret on your desk is the rubber gloves. Bringing housework to the WOYWWers in such a direct manner may induce the odd trauma! Love your photo, days don't get much better, huh!