Monday, 8 July 2013

Summer of Colour - Red & Yellow

Well this is certainly a colour combo you can't ignore !

Nothing shy & retiring here this week !!

From what I have read looking at the views on challenge projects guys have entered so far your thoughts vary from "discordant" to "vibrant" !

I'll leave you to decide which end of the spectrum you find my entry !

We are finally having some hot summer weather here - the first in about 3 years - so it has taken us all by surprise !
Our house must absorb the sun like a radiator - well it is certainly sweltering in here tonight - too hot to think of sleeping yet - see the thermometer on our garden shed - half past nine at night & still 22oC - unheard of  in Wales !!

So when I opened this month's "Simply Homemade" magazine which arrived today & found this yummy yellow polka dot paper, I headed down to my craft desk for a bit of a play !

I used some of the goodies I bought at the Art Stamps England show I went to on Saturday - a new Dylusions stencil of various sized girls silhouettes, Barn Door Distress Ink from my stash and some new Card-io tapestry style stamps I bought Saturday.

I had no idea where this page was going as I played - but this phrase popped into my head as I worked up the page !

I think it is about this amazing "bloggy world" where I can meet & share my love of  getting inky & messy with people who understand & don't think I am mad !

This ability to reach out & make friends all over the world, see & be inspired by your work - all just unthinkable science fiction a generation ago - and now a wonderful reality.

So this is for you, fellow travellers in blog-land, my hand is reached out in friendship & in the hope & trust that something wonderful may blossom between us - even on this sultry summer night !!


  1. Well I definitely don't think your mad lol! I love your art!

  2. Impressive use of the stencils and how you paired them with the thin thread of friendship that also helped the flowers to bloom and grow stron. There is as much symbolism in this piece as there is in your story. This is simply fantastic.

  3. Lovely work, wonderful post! <3

  4. Love the page and your words, so beautiful both are. I too was feeling blessed yesterday about my blog friends, near and far. I made a little something to thank them with and let them know how much they inspire me and are there for me. So happy to have found your beautiful blog and inspired by your art.
    Really loved this, thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy that hot summer you are having.

  5. Lovely page and post. I feel the same way about this warm, loving and crafty blogworld =)
    Wish you a wonderful day.

  6. pretty! and very nice sentiment.

  7. Love your play with the new paper with the addition of the red plus a great sentiment. Super SOC piece. BJ

  8. Oh my goodness! I love these pages so much! Your message is wonderful and makes me smile!!!!!

  9. I am dreaming of those kinds of temperatures at the moment, right at the minute I can hear hail hitting the windows!! Love what you have done, definitely vibrant and not discordant! I also saw your new purchases above and am insanely jealous!! Looks like you had a fabulous time :)