Sunday, 8 September 2013

Last Of The Scavenger Hunt Photos for Summer 2013 !

Well - Summer is slipping away fast !
Darker mornings & evenings, cool nights & even saw the leaves on a chestnut tree outside the building where we go swimming each Sunday turning umber & russet today !
So I thought I should get on with posting my last four photos to complete the scavenger hunt ... see the button in my side bar for details.

So here goes with

No 4 - an aeroplane - this was the plane that took us on my flight to Belfast last month ..

No 11 - an animal in a sanctuary etc - this is the adorable baby alpaca Mariposa & Epi, her Mum.

My lovely husband bought me the opportunity to name the baby as a present for our 20th Wedding Anniversary back in May - donating to a local cancer charity in the process.

Then we just had to wait for a female "cria" (that's the name for a baby Alpaca !) to be born !
I called her Mariposa - Alpacas are from Peru which is now Spanish speaking so I thought she should have a Spanish name in honour of her ancestors !! Mariposa means "butterfly".

No 21 - Me with my trusty Cuttlebug happily die cutting at my craft desk !
All those folder behind house my rather substantial stash of rubber stamps !

And my permitted substitute photo - I couldn't find No 16 a windmill - and I didn't really feel that the wind turbines we have down here were quite right !

So I substituted a Sundial instead - this one is right on the sea wall in the Mumbles ....

So that's me all done with the 21 photos ! Hope you have joined in the fun too !
Winter challenge next anyone !!

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  1. I really enjoyed CC101 and have used so many of the techniques often. It is also very well done with the downloadable videos and instructions. I am super excited for CC102.