Tuesday, 12 November 2013

WOYWW - Deskers Gathering !

Well I am late writing this post tonight as Lynda & I have been out for supper with a fellow desker !

After being blog buddies we finally met "Lunch Lady Jan" in the real world !
We had a lovely evening & Lynda has the photos to prove it !

We even got to speak to Julia, our lovely creator & hostess of WOYWW on the phone !!

And here on my desk is Jan super gift - stunning festive bunting !
How gorgeous is that ! Thanks Jan !

My gift was rather smaller ! Just an ATC - one for each of us - I am really getting into these - probably only 5 years behind the trend !
But it makes me happy !

On this design I have used one of the new Lavinia Zentangle House stamps & a little Dragon - well we are in Wales !!

The stamp was part of my haul from the NEC Hobbycrafts show this Sunday.
My Much Beloved & I were in the Cotswolds for the weekend to see Jools Holland in Concert in Cheltenham on Saturday night.
We each took our own car as on Sunday we were on separate hobby based missions !
Whilst he headed to Manchester to watch the football at Old Trafford, I went to spend a happy few hours shopping at the show ! I know who I think got the best deal there !!

I did have a list - and permission to buy some "from the family to me" Christmas presents !
But obviously some things did just call my name as I passed too !! Here's my goodies !!

Mainly stamps - some Christmassy - well they will come in SO handy every year won't they ?!!

Stamps by Chloe - this talented girl is only about 20 years old but has her own company !
She had made some lovely cards & I fell for the stamps & a very competitive deal on embossing powders - lots of Christmas sparkle !

And my favourite Lavinia stamps - I love the new Zentangle designs & can't wait to play !

Whoever said "never meet your heroes" had never met Barbara Grey - I love her classroom shows on Create & Craft - she shows great techniques in a really approachable way - and it was lovely to meet her on her Clarity Stamps stand - she was so approachable herself !
The light in the photo is pretty dreadful but I wanted to show you anyway !

One last desk photo ... a lifetime ago I learnt German at school ..
I really want to pick it up again - so when I was there last month I "invested in" some German craft magazines - what a great way to practice !!

So last night, there I was sitting up in bed with my 30 year old German dictionary checking my understanding & translating a Christmas Penguin pattern !!
Now I know the words for "seam allowance", "stuffing", "beak" & "turn the feet inside out from a slit in the upper fabric" ...
I mean, how can that not be handy when I need to buy a train ticket or a cup of coffee next time I am in Germany !!!!!!!!!

Anyway just to finish, last week I left you with a photo of my bag packed to have a Gelli plate evening at our little Scrapbook club - so I thought you might like to see us with our pinnies on & in action !

Here's some of our efforts ...

And me turning into a lizard !!!
Have a great crafty week ! Ali xx


  1. What a great week you have had - here and there, up and down, all over. Glad you enjoyed the show - we usually travel down, but missed it this year.
    Have a great week. Greetings from North Wales.
    Margaret #42

  2. What fun to meet with fellow WOYWW'ers. It's going to be a while before I can say that I'm afraid. I love your ATC's....I'm another late convert to them - they are so much fun to make and give and get! You've had a busy, creative, fun week....hope you can say the same at the end of the next week. Enjoy! Sara j #43

  3. Sounds like you had a busy and fantastic week. We love Jools Holland, always a great concert. Great stash from the show. Hugs. Pam#32

  4. We always loved the interesting hand prints produced from pressing the Gelli plate down onto your surface. Your week sounds busy but a lot of fun.

    The bears #74

  5. How fun to get together to play with friends! And what a lovely hand! LOL! Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #76

  6. My hands always look like that when I have been playing with my gelli plate! Sounds like you had a wonderful week...how nice to meet up with fellow crafters. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#72)

  7. b great photos and post pleased you had a good time at the nec and i was impressed with Barbara she is one of my all time favourite hero also and was so down to earth and friendly . I too couldn't resist the wow powders..I've not yet unpacked my goodies but will hopefully tomorrow thanks for sharing your busy fun filled week hope you have a good week ahead Andrea #35

  8. I'm back home now! Thank you for a great evening...I don't think there was a gap in the conversation for two hours!! I really enjoyed meeting you and Lynda and hope it happens again soon :-)
    I'm off to bed now!!
    LLJ xxxx

  9. It was just lovely to hear your friendly voice! Am super impressed at your German lessons, what a great way to do it! Sounds like your weekend away was pretty close to perfect! Like the new stash, specially that it's a stamp heavy shop.

  10. Happy WOYWW. Just doing a bit of blog visiting before I go up to bed. It is so tempting to do just one more! Fab ATCS. They are fun to swap. I have signed up with ATCSForAll.com. Very friendly and literally hundreds of swaps to choose from. I could not get to the NEC. Just too far for me to travel. Oh well, it saved me from buying too much like last year! I also did Germany at school and actually used it in one job - translating telexes (shows how long ago this was!). Gelli plates - still not sure what this is. Must Google. Ali x #73

  11. Gosh you have been busy the poppies came from giveaway papers on the 12 months blog http://12monthsinview.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/november-giveaway.html
    thanks for visiting me BJ#64

  12. How fun to meet up with a fellow crafter...lucky you shopping for yourself....Happy Snooping Carole # 97

  13. Lovely ATCs there Ali. One of my favourite stamp companies too - Lavinia!
    Isn't Jan wonderful. Love her to bits.

  14. Lovely results from your Gelee Plate! I am envious that you go to meet some WOYWW Bloggers. How fun!
    thank you Ali for your earlier visit!
    Sharon #52

  15. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.. A Canadian's DREAM day, in that magical country eekkksss :O)..
    Beautiful bunting, wrapped beautifully, your ATC's are beautiful, they are wonderful gifts, I have a can full, must make a nice holder for them :) and what ever makes you happy makes beautiful creations. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me and you did get the better deal but we won't tell the Mr that LOL.. Lovely new stash and I wish you lots of fun playing with them. Beautiful photo of you and Barbara, carfter's are the nicest people..
    I think that another langues can only make things easier :), I have been watching Gio ( from the Craft Barn) do videos in Italian, seems I can understand it while I'm watching, see it's all good LOL.. Your gelli plate workshop looked wonderful, I love them, nothing nicer then inky painty fingers.. We don't have any workshops near me, I have gone to a couple over the pond, I looooove crafting with other artist.. I'm going to try and make my own Gelli plate and then have some big fun. Thanks so much for sharing all of your fabulous week, it's been a pleasure visiting, thanks for stopping by my nest, my post was a little boring hope to have some thing with more pizza's soon... Have a wonderful creative week too..

  16. It sounds (and looks) as though you've had the best kind of week. Crafting, meeting friends, trying new things, rediscovering old things of interest, and shopping. That Memory Box die is so intricate and gorgeous. Happy WOYW a day late from Laura #16

  17. Great haul from the show, and looks like you had huge fun at your gelli plate evening!
    Debs #78

  18. ATC's are a cool way to try out an idea. Sounds like you have lots of fun!

  19. Hi Ali,
    Looks like a good time was had. I love those Lavinia stamps. That butterfly is amazing. Enjoy playing with you new toys. Peg R #102