Tuesday, 28 January 2014

WOYWW - Jetlagged Desker !

Hi Welcome to my WOYWW this week - missed you all last week with my trip to San Francisco for the Food Inspiration Safari.

You'll be happy to know that despite taking 1,238 photos in the week I am not going to inflict any of them on you !!

We had an action packed week with activities scheduled from 8am to up to 10pm each night !
But all worthwhile as we saw some amazing Farmer's Markets, Food Stores and Restaurants ranging from new wave Korean to modern Mexican, street food, contemporary Italian and the fresh produce displays were mouthwatering !
So as you can tell we got to try some wonderful foods !

On my workdesk today are an accumulation of magazines which arrived whilst I was away - can you tell I am a bit of a maga-holic ! Really looking forward to working my way through these !

Obviously having been away for 10 days, there is not much crafty action to show you but I did have a dabble on Sunday at catching up with my pages for Documented Life -this one was "include an envelope" and Journal 52 - this is "What Makes You Smile"  - still have more to do but I am enjoying playing !

Here is a pile of memorabilia which I have ready to scrap - if I can get to sorting out all those photos !!
On the last day we squeezed in a trip to Alcatraz just before we had to head to the airport - well worth the trip - a very strange place indeed.

And finally, I managed to grab an hour out of the schedule to pop into Michael's craft store - couldn't go mad as I was worried about my luggage limit but I did get the new smaller Project Life folder & journal pages and some Inkadinkado stamps that will work with my Stamping Gear sets - these were a steal as they were in their sale - equivalent of £2 a set !

Anyway am going to head off now - the old body clock is all over the place - the 8 hour time difference has been challenging with so much going on !
I am going to be very happy when the jet lag disappears as I have had enough of wandering around the house in the early hours trying to stop my mind from buzzing in overdrive despite feeling exhausted !!

Have a great crafty week ! Ali x


  1. Hi Ali,

    I can't wait to hear about (and see your photos) of your trip to San Francisco. I love that city. I've tried to go to Alcatraz twice and both times the water was too choppy for us to dock. When I was growing up (around 70 miles from SF) the prison was still in use! Can't wait to hear about where you went and what were your highlights.


  2. Hi Ali, so pleased you had time for a trip to Alcatraz and Michaels of course.
    Hope you get over your jet lag, don't want you falling asleep at your crafting desk
    take care
    Jan 89

  3. Hi Ali,
    Sounds like your trip was a success! Looking forward to seeing your pictures.

    I found Alcatraz a bit spooky, they say it is haunted to boot! Now Michaels' is an other story, although they say I haunt the place after hours......LOL no really!

    Hope your body clock resets it's self quickly so you can enjoy all that new stash!
    Krisha #31

  4. Hi Ali
    Glad you had a good trip. I am relaxing after a fantastic day on the mountain and we have just had a snowman competition and the biggest snowball fight in history! Last skiing day tomorrow :-(((((

  5. jet lag is a bugger, huh! Glad you enjoyed the field trip and looks like you managed some great scrapbook souvenirs/ Love SF. ANd yes..where on warth do you find time to devour so many mags!!

  6. Happy WOYWW. Your trip sounds amazing. Always wanted to go to San Francisco. We had a few days near Cardiff - not as exciting! Great purchases in Michaels (is that like Hobbycraft?). I got all of the Stamp gear sets from C&C recently, but not got round to playing with them yet. What is the journalling mag I can see in the pile? I have got the latest prompts to do for Journal52 and Document Life. Really enjoying both. Ali x. #56

  7. Wow ~ that Food Inspiration Safari sounds fascinating! Especially the Farmers' Market bits. Have fun creating with your memorabilia and new stash, when the jet lag fades away, that is. :)

  8. Wow! 2 Pounds a set, that is a steal! Those are SO expensive here! An hour in Michaels must have been too short, but better that than nothing! Rand is 18 to one in your favor here at the moment...and rising! Who knows what it will be when you get here.

  9. Hi Ali, sorry to be so late getting round, and thanks for your mind comment on my 'under the sea' journal page. I'm envious of all those mags on your desk, not to mention the leaf stamps. I stopped my sub to Craft Stamper last year but do pick it up from time to time and am re-reading my back copies. Just catching up on your blog and I love the letter 'A' and the frame in a previous post, seems like I need those paints to add to my stash.
    Ann B

  10. I stopped buying mags a while ago, and as I no longer go into the supermarket (I shop online) I don't get tempted. I realised that I did not have time to try all the things they showed me, and most of it is online anyway, so I spend my money on equipment instead. It sounds as though you had a great time on your trip, and came back with lots of ideas to use. Have a good week and I hope the jet lag soon vanishes. xx Maggie #2

  11. Okay... the trip sounds AMAZING! What a great experience. Feel free to email me privately and chatter. LOL I can live vicariously through you.
    Such lovely packs of inspiration awaiting your return. I still need to catch up my Journal 52. Kind of caught up in the whole Get Organized Challenge so not a lot of creating here. Love what you're playing with. Creative Blessings! ~Kelly #92