Tuesday, 4 February 2014

WOYWW - Journal 52

Well another week of wild wet & windy weather !
And this morning at 6am an ice-storm - when we checked outside the curtains the whole street was thickly white with huge hailstones - it was like walking over a gravel drive !
Saturday was another huddle in the nest day - so I had a chance to have a little play at the desk !
I started a page in my Documented Life book - this week we were asked to "add a doodled border" - and I am going to try some of the techniques from this Zentangle Border book !

I am also enjoying playing along with Journal 52 - I did a couple of pages this weekend.

First was "construct a character" - as you can see drawing is not my forte (don't laugh at my efforts !) but rather than duck out from the challenge I did give it a go - and it was rather fun ! !

Secondly was "create a piece of abstract art" - we were advised that the piece wasn't to include anything naturalistic or representational.
This was really a new concept for me - I didn't realise it but I can't remember ever creating something like this before !
I wasn't really sure where to start - so I pulled out a couple of sheets of some Gelli-prints I had made back in the Autumn - these had patterns rather than anything of a "real" picture.
It was quite a strange experience - creating with abstract patterns - and the weirdest thing was that as I worked on it, something in my head was saying "that's right" or t"hat's wrong". I mean if its abstract how can there be a right & a wrong ? But something in my brain was telling me to change & tweak, cut & layer up - it was an enjoyable new experience !!
With Valentine's day looming I am working on some hearts !
I have been playing with these hearts for weeks - painting & crackling but nothing looked interesting - so I am trying them Finnabair style ! This is them part way through !

I am loving using the Luminarte Silk Paints - they are quite expensive so I have been saving the pennies in my craft piggy bank (a plump ceramic Percy Pig piggy bank which Much Beloved bought me from M&S for Christmas !) and ordered some yummy new colours from the guys at The Artist's Trading Post in Derbyshire - they have a great range and a brilliantly prompt overnight delivery service !

I am so looking forward to playing with them !
Red for the hearts is so predictable I know -but I will be starting with it anyway !

So that's it from the desk this week but I wanted to share a couple more things with you !
On Sunday the rain & gales abated long enough for an hour's walk in the National Botanic Gardens of Wales close by where we live. It was my annual "heart-lift" visit to see the snowdrops - it makes me keep the faith that spring must surely come soon !

This sign made me laugh !

And the gallery had an exhibition of stitched patchwork squares - called Project Patchwork Meadow - they were all of plants and nature scenes. I really enjoyed the display & thought you might too !

Have a great crafty week ! Ali x


  1. Lovely post this week Ali. I just slept all weekend! You are right the snowdrops are so uplifting. X
    Lynda X

  2. How lovely to see the snow drops...... My first of the year!
    Love the sign... Want one!
    Quilting looks lovely
    Jackie 10

  3. Lots of lovely things your sharing with us this week. Snowdrops i adore & are waiting for mine to appear in the garden. The gardening sign made me smile . Happy woyww Jill #35

  4. So much to see today. Love the zentangle border, have promised myself a try at this sometime soon and need yo get hold of a book. Those paints look scrumptious but I'm holding off buying anymore, slready have boxes of acrylics....but then again I 'need' more.
    Happy Wednesday.
    Ann B

  5. What a lovely post, so full of colour and yummy things. The snowdrops are looking beautiful in all this miserable weather aren't they. That sign is magic, I need one for my garden!!
    Love all your artwork. I'm in love with the silks too and am building up a collection slowly, trouble is there is always another lovely colour to get isn't there!!
    Hugs Lisax #54

  6. Well, glad that you managed even some time out of the house for an uplifitng walk - relly the wild weather is extraordinary! Your abstract work is great and seems to have positively pushed you - goof for you for being up to something new. The silk ink colours are fabulous, looks like a row of jewels.

  7. I love that abstract work..good for you for pushing the boundaries! And those hearts are just my thing, gorgeous!
    Hugs, LLJ 33 xx

  8. Hi Ali, Poor you, what awful weather. Love the snowdrops, so delicate.
    I like the look of the silk colours but don't show me any new products!
    have a great week
    Jan x 75

  9. Great blog name! I love it! I also am working with Journal52 and Documented Life! Ice storms are not much fun, we had ours in the beginning of January. Stay safe!

  10. Love your abstract artwork, Alli. Thank you for sharing the patchwork plant artwork, too. We are having some weather, too. 8.7 inches of snow and 6 degrees out, with minus something tonight. Perfect weather for WOYWW Blog hopping! :) Sharon #27

  11. Well you've been a very busy person this week Ali, I'm reading more and more journal projects and am still working on whether or not I'm arty farty enough...you're encouraging. Great work pieces, thank you for the snowdrops - bulbs are a favourite of mine but I don't envy you the weather...stay indoors and craft. Cheers RobynO#16

  12. Wonderful post. Aren't those paints just great. Glad you're enjoying them. Peg R 25