Tuesday, 18 February 2014

WOYWW - Not Crafting But Gardening !

Well not too much action on the desk this week - all because we had the first dry weekend on the year !
So the lure of the garden was too much to resist !
I managed a couple of hours out cutting back & tidying up on both days - and two trips to the tip with sacks & trugs full of garden rubbish for the council compost heap !
The oak leaves that fall from the trees behind our garden are my nemesis - they haunt me & taunt me ! There was a warm glow of satisfaction seeing them all piling down on to the compost heap & knowing that they were banished for another year !!
So just works in progress to see today - with a packing list for our holiday next month tucked underneath !!
On the left is the research I have been doing on colour symbolism for my Rainbow Journal, in the middle is a blank page ready for this week's Journal 52 - My Dream Job - its proving disconcertingly tricky to decide what that might be !

And my Documented Life journal lurking to the right ... this week's challenge was "add a flap" - so this is a happy Spring like page about being able to get get out in the garden & the hopefulness of seeing new shoots trying valiantly to push through the sodden, bog-like soil !
Finally, I can show you the Valentine's card I made for my Much Beloved !
I had never tried a to make a shadow box card before & just had to sort it out as I went along - but at least it went together - and stayed together !!

Finally - please Lynda look away now !! 

Here are my ATC for our Alphabet ATC challenge - I had "F" this month & this subject seemed topical for a fun challenge between friends ! 
Ready to swap tomorrow when our Scrapclub go out for our Christmas Supper out !

 Have a fun crafty week !
Ali xx


  1. Fantastic Valentine! Your ATCs are so cute too.
    Yesterday I got to spend some time in one of my flowerbeds getting it cleaned up. Now my legs are sore from getting up and down.........it sucks to be old! LOL
    Krisha #9

  2. Hi Ali, thanks for visiting last week, yes the dogs are better now thank you. I love your journal and that Valentine's card is stunning! Sorry not to get back to you last week, computer problems, and I am still trying to catch up, find and reload programs, and I had an operation yesterday so didn't join in.
    Cazzy x