Tuesday, 7 July 2015

WOYWW - Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow !

Sometimes you just have to accept that all good things come to an end - and I have finally had to face the inevitable parting with the first ever Cuttlebug B plate I bought when I first bought my Bug !
I had been struggling to cut out the flowers using my new Chloe die - and knew Lynda was fine with hers. I was a bit slow witted but it finally dawned on my fuddled little brain that trying to die cut with this bowed & slashed poor excuse of a base plate was the problem !
So here is a final farewell photo en route to the bin !

We had a great time at the Fleetwood Mac concert on Saturday night - enjoyed the music and the sets too !

On my desk tonight I have a mixture of finished & just started projects - plus a couple of new additions to my stash ! Oh and some freebies from a magazine and a new book of mixed media project paper.

I asked last week for feedback about the card I had made for my Mum's birthday as I thought it looked a bit too busy - everyone was very sweet and tactfully didn't comment about it !
But the lack of comments kind of spoke volumes - so I ripped it up and used the back as an embossed layer on this new card !
I still struggled to get this to come together - so I thought - its a Chloe die set so what approach would she take ?
So I headed for the Sparkilicious and went with the whole bling thing !
I feel a bit better about this attempt !

Next month my Auntie has her 80th birthday - so I thought I would make her a mixed media version of her initial - M - so bought this this evening to make a start..

There's a Journal page I have started on a blues & greens theme - one of the colour combos from the Summer of Colour challenge - I am not keeping up with the weekly challenges but hope to do them in my own sweet time !

And I saw these funky new colouring pencils from Derwent - different colours at each end of the pencil - they made me smile - and it seemed a good way to have a lot of colours in a small space !
I am going to have a play with them in my colouring book at craft club tomorrow !

Enjoy your week & happy crafting ! Ali xx


  1. Hi Ali Your card is lovely. The dies are a bit fiddly to get out but glad you managed it. The lighting at the concert looks fab! See you tonight X
    Lynda No 8

  2. The card is gorgeous... enjoy the "M" - let us see please. Great photos from the concert - lucky you, would love to have gone! Helen 2

  3. Wow lots to share-I have a spare plate for my Ebosser- my old one is still going but it is VERY warpped and i know i need to bin it soon - still hanging on though. I ADORE Fleetwood Mac and one of my friends popped in last week when she was on the way to see them - I have told her that I am going with her next time! Your Card and the start of your journal page are fab - i love the colours on the page. Well done on finding the pencils - enjoy the colouring xx
    soojay 13#

  4. Oh so much going on, love your desk, love the summer of colour work too, the gig looks fabulous! happy WOYWW

  5. Hi Ali, Well I'm really liking your mums card.....but I did check last weeks post and I honestly didn't see anything wrong with the blue one...but one has to be happy I understand. Bit the same as you with my B plate, it's propping up one side of my shelf unit. Love how your blue and green page is coming along...anyway enjoy your week Cheers RobynO#11

  6. It's so sad when you have to bin a tried and tested crafting favourite,isn't it? But if it wasn't working, then it's counterproductive trying to use it . So glad you had a good time at the F! Concert...jealous, I love their music!
    Hugs, LLJ 9 xxx

  7. It really is a melting pot of a cauldron this week. I so wish I could multi task on my desk like you can! I get the reluctance over the Cuttlebug plate, isn't it odd, but won't it be lovely not to have to put so much effort into positioning the dies correctly each time!
    I couldn't comment last week but really liked the card you had intended for your Mum, but totally nderstand that 'not right' feeling, and you'd never use it if it felt off. Of course I like the new version too..amazing isn't it, when you're really connected to the person that you're making the card for, it makes it harder not easier!

  8. What an exciting desk you have there. Have lots of fun with the new stash. Great photos of your Fleetwood Mac concert. That brought back lots of really happy memories for me. Have a great week. Barb #16 xx

  9. Busy busy desk there - I am so jealous you saw Fleetwood Mac, love them! Yep looks like that plate is ready for the bin though, it has done well though. Lyns #26

  10. Oooo very interested to see what you do with the letter. I just picked some of these up myself. Peg R 17

  11. Beautiful Birthday card. And I can´t wait to see the finished M.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Evalila/Evelyn # 23

  12. Ali I can't believe that's your first plate, I've got through quite a few!!
    I love the card, very pretty colours. Steve has his cardiology appointment next Wednesday so I will feel happier after that, hopefully!
    Have a good weekend jan no 31

  13. Hi Ali, poor 'bug plate, lol. Saw something on Pinterest about re-flattening plates by wrapping in tin foil and placing in the oven- tried with mine and it seemed to work quite well. Yours certainly didn't owe you anything though! Love the card, and the journal page. Waiting to see what you do with the 'M'- might get inspired for some Christmas pressies, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz#10 xxx

  14. Lovely interesting post, lots of food for thought - had to check out a map to see where you were as some places sounded familiar. We have spent some happy years up at Meidrim, north of Carmarthen and now found PJ's sister who lives over to the west. Small world.
    thanks for sharing, loved it.

    Bishopsmate #34

  15. I will cry when my cuttlebug starts giving out. I still prefer it to my Big shot! :)
    Ali, I wanted to thank you for the information about photoscape. I had my grandson help me and did a collage this post on my Blog. :) So thanks again! #49

  16. I hope you gave your Cuttlebug plate a decent burial, Ali!! Lol!! We certanly can get attached to things, can't we! Sometimes one needs fresh eyes to see just how grotty they have become and high time to get a new one!! Love the beautiful card - I actually thought the original was lovely, but there you are! You've done a great job anyway. Love the swirly journal page background too, and your new coloured pencils. Lots of interest on your desk this week! Thank you for your lovely comment, and I will get through this eventually - it's just a question of going with the flow and knowing that it will pass eventually. I am so looking forward to it being a dim and distant memory!! Won't that be great!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #42

  17. Love the card. I didn't get around to see the previous so no comments from me :-D I love that you are playing in lots of different areas and those pencils would make me smile, too. Creative Blessings ~Kelly #41

  18. Taps for a plate that has served you well! Your desk is full of crafting goodness. I really love the blue and green piece. #48