Tuesday, 8 December 2015

WOYWW - JYC 2015

This week has seen me start this year's Journal Your Christmas - I have been making a Journal every December for several years now and really look forward to getting underway !

I like choosing the theme for the journal - this year I have gone with a Chalk Board themed paper set - combined with some Wellington Bear elements

And I also love how the Journal builds up each day, getting nicely plump as all the memories of this time of the year come together, preserved for the future !

Other crafting has been limited to finishing Christmas cards for the girls at Craft Club ...

These are all using Cardio tapestry style stamps in various ways ... they are very versatile and the only limit really is your own eye & imagination !

I bought some new ornaments for my Christmas Tree at Winchester Cathedral this year ... pretty glass fripperies but I love my little Angel, Reindeer & Tree !

 And my Scandi-style wall hanging is doing it's stuff - actually hanging on the wall in our hall !

Much Beloved says he can't understand why we need a bit of tatty cloth on the wall ... but I'll leave you to decide !

Have a great crafty week !
Ali x


  1. I'm sure 'tatty old cloth' means 'darling you are so clever that's fabulous' in husband speak! It's just down to interpretation. Lovely glass fripperies x

  2. I think you are very clever and that your other half needs to watch his Ps and Qs... Tatty indeed! humph! We are sweltering down here and the wind is doing its thing, though today is a mere breeze. I have been on a garden clean up mission and have one day left of teaching, then studio clean up and a well earned rest for 5 weeks! Phew!

  3. It's not a tatty cloth!!! It's amazing and a great place to see it hanging. I love Winchester, I'm so happy Rhys is at uni there..more excuses to visit :-)
    Hugs LLJ 16 xx

  4. Tatty? Cheek! - it's fabulous!! Your JYC journal looks fab too! Happy WOYWW Helen 3

  5. Love you holiday journal this year. I wish I could do something like that! For heavens sake Ali did we marry brothers...big oafs! Tatty cloth...omg!! I love wall hangings and always put them up at Christmas also. I am a secular Humanist and I have always loved snowmen so we celebrate a snowman day and my daughter and I go shopping for more presents, eat out etc. Anyway my husband is like yours...Snowman day! Why isn't Christmas enough!!Cause I like it this way I tell him! Hope you have a great week. Thanks for visiting me. VIckie #48

  6. Happy Belated WOYWW. The wall hanging is gorgeous - love the colours. I expect my hubby would say something similar! Ali x #39