Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Long Time No Post !

Well I am almost shamefaced to be coming back to my poor neglected blog after so many months away !
The neglect started when I had been suffering from trigger finger in the little fingers of both hands which made any sort of gripping painful & a struggle in fact - so with everyday tasks a struggle, crafting was pretty impossible !

So I stepped away from my craft desk for a several months.
Meanwhile injections in both hands have helped significantly and I am a lot better now - but I can feel the underlying aching hovering if I overdo things with my hands - lifting, gardening etc - so I am pacing myself !

So not much to share from the past few weeks -I have just been making a few birthday cards as they are needed !
But the one thing that I have had great fun with is making hand made journals.
Back in April Lynda & I saw a great selection of Journals on a craft stall in the street market in Wilmslow.
I bought one & saw that it was made with papers from an online shop called Ephemera's Vintage Garden, so I bought & downloaded these amazing papers and with lots of help from Lynda we set about making journals.
We had such great fun & I was really happy with how it turned out !
But it was almost so pretty I couldn't think what to do with it - but at the weekend I found a Vintage Junk Journal group on Facebook who are holding a 30 Days of Gratitude challenge - it seemed a lovely idea for my Journal - so here I am at Day 3.

Hoping life is treating you all well & looking forward to catching up with you all soon.
Have a great crafty week
Ali xxx


  1. I was only thinking it had been an age since we saw you- hope your hands are fully better soon and you can really craft away!! love this journal, great images.

  2. Your journal is stunning! Hope your thanks continue to improve!

  3. Oh, poor you - I'd assumed that it was work keeping you busy. I really hope your hands start to heal well, take care. Those journals are lovely and I like the theme you've chosen :-D
    Hugs, LLJ 3 xxx

  4. You are right! Those papers ARE amazing! I love the style of your journal. With all those butterflies and bugs and birds, etc...this would make a great gardening journal, too!