Sunday, 15 August 2010

Summer Online Crop Weekend with Shimelle

Hi - decided to try my first ever online crop this weekend - this is half photo challenges and half scrapping challenges. As I was out all day yesterday the scrapping pretty much went by the wayside but I did try as many of the photo challenges as I could !
So here are my photos ! First the "Take a picture of a man-made object" challenge - I went to the Egypt Centre in Swansea & took these 2 pictures of objects made over 2,500 years ago - and yet they are so vital, engaging & timeless could have been made yesterday ! It was stunning to see the continuity of human art - these were their way of recording life in a world before photography was dreamed of !

Another Challenge was "A Lght at Night" this was taken at the Grand Theatre last night. And finally "Shoot the Sky" - I loved this brooding sky out over the stunning beaches we have heare on the South Wales Coast.

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