Saturday, 7 January 2012

Life Book 2012 : First Lesson !

This afternoon I got the chance to sit down & create the first page of my new year long mixed media class called Life Book 2012.

I had watched the videos that Tam had filmed for the first lesson earlier in the week.

This morning I decided to treat myself to a box of 30 lovely Caran D'ache watercolour crayons & 18 Inktense watercolour pencils as I had seen how good they look (compared to my current "poundshop" cheapie watercolour pencils !!) on the video lessons that Tamara had given.

So I had a happy afternoon dipping into the new Life Book Kit I have assembled & playing with the watercolour crayons !

Our first lesson was to create a page learning how to draw, shade & paint a 3/4 face & to celebrate our positive personal qualities - or what she calls our "Inner Goddess Powers"!

It was hard to write these down without feeling self-conscious & that I was blowing my own trumpet ! But I felt better asking the much beloved what he thought my good traits were & then adding a few of my own - the fear of being seen as big-headed must be very deeply ingrained !!!

On how the page has come out - on the positive side you can see it IS a face and a woman's face too ! I like the colouring & shading considering its the first time I have EVER drawn & painted a face !!
The eyes are a bit too big - especially the left one as you look at it & I think I should have drawn the whole portrait bigger in relation to the page - so those are the learnings for next time !!

I enjoyed using the crayons - scribbling them all over the page & then swooshing the scribbles with a wet brush & watching them smooch down to watery effect - I've never done that before & it makes lovely background colours - will definitely use the technique much more now.

Also I think I got the Sea Goddess feel across - which was what I was aiming at !

So all in all a very enjoyable first lesson with still lots to learn but at least at last I am actually drawing & painting - not just thinking about it & wishing I could do it !
Hopefully during the year on the course my skills will grow !


  1. Hi ali I found your blog,
    great page, love all that blond hair,
    Kat ;-D

  2. So great that you are starting to draw, your sea-goddess has come out brilliantly - I like to sit in front of the TV and draw quick face sketches - I do several and have to wait for that character to pop up again - some are never finished, and some I finish afterwards, but they are for my eyes only,most are rubbish, but a good one turns up occasionally. It's a good way to practice, but not if you are watching a 'who dunnit' you can miss the vital scene!