Wednesday, 25 January 2012

WOYWW - Messy Messy Messy !

Well the desk has descended into chaos & messiness this week !

A combination of being away all weekend & having so many things I want to get round to doing & not enough time to fit them in !

So this week I find my desk heaped with stamps - I am trying to re-file my stamp collection by theme & stamp each one onto a reference sheet so I can flick through when I start a project & see what I have.
Trouble is I have so many stamps it's a mammoth task !! Hence the mid-project chaos !

I have made a start on the inside of my 20,000 leagues box - but just want to get stuck back into it !
I also have the lovely artwork by Millande from her Seed Journal project - I hope to create my own journal when I'm away in a couple of weeks & want to have it with me for inspiration - even I don't intend to do mine in the same style.

So its a week to get tidied up & get some time at the weekend to get creative !


  1. Oh Boy! that is one yummy mess with lots going on there. since I've been sterilising my craft room so I am safe to return to silversmithing safely I almost envy everyone else's lovely morasses.
    JoZarty x

  2. Wow! That is such a lovely messy table! I could spend hours just looking at all that stuff!! Love it!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog!


  3. I meant to add that the Pogo can be used really arty wise. Try sanding the paper before, or after, printing. Stamp or write over the printed images, etc., etc.
    I love mine and the flag tag book I made wasn't really artsy as my DD does neat!
    JoZarty x

  4. Lovely crafty space and lots of yummy crafty stuff! :) Happy WOYWW! Hugs, Joanna #123
    Ps. And you have a new follower now, too! :)

  5. ps. I think you put the wrong link on WOYWW, had to go back to the top of your blog to find our post ;) x

  6. Your desk reminds me of the memory game thing - you put all these objects on a tray and cover with a cloth, then remove one item and everyone has to work out which one. So much to see and I spy a little pink egg cosy thingy at the back left. Tried to catalogue my stamps once, stamped up a couple of index pages then gave up - no staying power, that's me.
    Ann B

  7. I LOVE messy desks - it is a sign of huge creativity I think! Thank you for visiting my WOYWW this week :)
    Celestial Things

  8. A wonderfully inspiring desk full of crafting goodies, Hope you find time to be creative and have a lovely week hugs Lou E #82 Alpacas look very cute in the post below x

  9. I am defeated by the very idea of cataloguing stamps...I do very much hope that you get through it!