Monday, 2 January 2012

On My New Year's Workdesk !

With the Christmas festivities all done & dusted, the mountain of ironing attacked (& very nearly subdued !) and the decorations safely stowed back in the roof, there was finally some time to myself on my last day off of the New Year break to let a bit of creativity back into my life !
I have nearly finished my Christmas Journal - just a couple last entries to print out & stick in - I like to finish mine on New Year's Day as by that time I am ready to move on to new creative adventures !
And Friday I had a major blitz of tidying all the "stuff" that had been dumped on my desk whilst I was too busy to even take a seat there !

I have started a new Journal which I have called "Create 2012" - I'm hoping that this will be a place for creative experiments - somewhere to plan projects, make notes & collect ideas that I can dip back into when I'm having a "blank page /blank mind" day !! I don't intend it will replace my current rather battered (& by now rather treasured !) Art Journal but that they will work together, interplaying between the two.

I have also created a "Book of Days" - I have seen these on other girls blogs - each month has its own decorated page with little squares for each days to add a note or a doodle.
I have January all laid out with the background page mostly done & the squares glued in - theses are recycled from pages I made by smudging leftover inks on them at last Summer's Artsycrafty weekend ! See - you never know when something will come in handy !!

Rich had a selection box of mustard's for Christmas - they came in an intriguingly triangular shaped box - which was just calling out to me to be altered !! So today it got a couple of layers of gesso & I am waiting for it to tell me what it wants to be !!

I have also been playing about adding layers to my Lynne Perrella inspired Woman icon style canvas - still sticking with the duck egg blue & eggshell but now trying to add texture & depth.

So, I am hoping for a year of creative endeavours ahead - maybe a few hours a week happily covered in paint & ink will help keep the gloom of the world's economies unravelling & the consequent austerity measures - and the endless Welsh rain - at bay & out of mind !!
Here's to a Happy Creative New Year !


  1. Gosh you seemed so well organised hun!Im certainly not must take leaf outta your book.Have fab wedensday good luck with altering that box can't wait to see how it turns out!
    hugs judex 10

  2. Can't wait to see what you create with the box, Hugs May x x x x x

  3. OMG!! Llanelli!! I was born and brought up in Pembrey and my parents still live in Burry Port!! How amazing is that? And I wouldn't have realised had I not scrolled down to your previous post and seen a mention of The Sosbarn. It's a small world :D
    Love your art journal, it's such a good thing to write notes down as I'm always forgetting my ideas *sigh*
    Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi,
    LLJ #34 xx

  4. its wonderful isnt it, the creative packaging, must admit, I have a couple of Glitter girls boxes waiting for inspiration....... could be a while coming, lol


    Lou WOYWW

  5. Lovely journals there. I started my first ever this week and am still trying to decide where I'm going with it.
    The triangular box sounds good - may have to buy some mustard myself and I hate the stuff.
    Ann B

  6. I've seen a lot of people starting to journal in the New Year, I'm not good at long projects I have to admit! Sounds like you've got such a lot going on already!

    Brenda 76

  7. Indeed, hoping for a year of creative endeavors sounds like a great plan. Thanks for sharing your space and your thoughts with us. Have a great 2012!

  8. The journal pages are looking great. I also like the little color squares to add a little doodle to - very cool idea.

    Thanks for sharing!

    WOYWW #92

  9. You are busy - thanks for sharing your fab projects (Hazel, WOYWW 108) x

  10. Well Ali, sounds to me as if your creative year has really started well, crikey, stuff on the go and ready already, go you! Book of days will be as treasured as any journal, I bet.

  11. A great first crafty peek of the year. Your journal looks fantastic already. Happy new year!

  12. Hi, it's me again. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your offer of advice on journalling - hope you don't regret making it in the weeks ahead - am a 'member' now so that I can find you more easily and to keep up with your lovely work. Just had a browse and see you went to the ArtsyCrafty weekend. I went to the Warrington one but only for the day - Steampunk box thingy, wish I'd been able to do the Lynne Perella workshop as well.
    Thanks again
    Ann B

  13. Hi there sorry I'm a bit late - you seem to have a lot planned - I do as well but getting there may be another story we shall see. Thanks for sharing and a Happy New Year. Anne x

  14. Hi Ali, just got your message about Jump Start.
    Do you want to email me at and I will reply wit h the details.
    Ann B