Tuesday, 11 September 2012

WOYWW - Am I A Very Sad Individual ?!!

Hi Hope all is well with you this week ?
Question - Am I a very sad individual ? Do I need to get out more ?
Or is it okay to be excited & inordinately happy about my new craft storage unit !!!

For anyone who called by last week you will know that despite good, helpful customer service from Storage4crafts all went awry when Fedex got their hands on my delivery !
They delivered 1 of the 2 parcels on Tuesday - and despite all their promises it was Thursday before the other half of the delivery turned up !!

As we were setting off back to England for my Sister in Law's 50th birthday party on Friday after work, it wasn't until Sunday that we could put the unit together.
I say "we" - but happily my lovely Rich swung into action with a screwdriver with me only handing things to him & trying to look useful !
The unit was very well made & came with very good instructions - so he made a great job of putting it together really quickly - and with no stress or swear words !!

And here it finally is !!
I had most of the boxes already but they were wedged in a cupboard which took ages to fight to get them out to use !

And I am excited to finally (after 4 years !) have my Cuttlebug out of its box in the depths of the cupboard & poised at a handy height - ready to use as the inspiration takes me !!
So I have the stash sorted into boxes, the boxes all labelled & surley I am all ready to go !

With all the sorting out I haven't had much time to get any actual crafting done !!
So this week you can see it is all "things in waiting" on the desk  !
 I have the new Creativity magazine - ready to join the pile of my holiday reading !
A new clock set of stamps - well you can never have to many clock stamps can you ?!!
Some embossing folders ready to be labelled and popped in their new box in the new unit !
On the left is a bird & bird house gift bag that I bought in the shop at Saville Gardens on Saturday - and also some mini booklets of which I have scanned the covers & printed them out -they are destined to be cut up for my journal !
In the centre are some fuchsia & black sparkly stones that my Sister in Law had sprinkled on the tables for her party - I saved them from the bin at the end of the night - ready for when I scrapbook the party !!
And on the right the freebie Nitwit Christmas stamps & tags from Simply Homemade magazine.

Thought you might like to see the flowers I arranged for the party - you can see the pink & black theme going on !!

And one more thing I just HAD to share with you - 2012 has to have been the "Hydrangea Summer " - with the weeks of endless rain we have had all summer these huge beautiful flowers have been totally sumptuous & stunning in all of the gardens I have visited in the past month - blues & whites & gorgeous deep purples - thought you would enjoy seeing them !

Anyway - have a lovely crafty week & looking forward to seeing your desks & projects as always !
Ali x


  1. Yay, a great unit, well worth the wait. We like the Creativity magazine stamps, we may have to buy ourselves a copy just for those. We're suckers for freebies.

  2. Well that is a nice cupboard and will be filled if it hasnt already, fancy the cuttlebug hiding this long, oh well its out now so it will get used
    Bridget #48

  3. I love hydrangeas.
    Love your storage too and I can understand your excitement - bet you could not wait to fill those drawers. Did some of the stash from your desk go in any of them?
    Hugs, Neet 17 xx

  4. Hi Alison,
    Well you're really sorted out now. It feels great to organize your craft space, but you know you won't be able to find anything now!!! Looks so neat and tidy I'm jealous.
    X Julie(paperpathway)

  5. So glad the rest of your storage finally turned up and boy is it fantastic. That looks awesome. Love the pink and black theme flowers, very cleverly arranged. Those hydrangeas are so beautiful, I used to grow them years ago but they were never like that.
    Have fun with all your goodies.
    Von #56

  6. I dream of having one of those ....or even more lol...glad it finally is in situ and filled to busting. Gorgeous flower collages. #81

  7. You are definitely not sad to be excited about this storage unit. It would have me doing a happy dance too, especially if that meant everything was to hand and visible! I recognise a few of the items on your desk and can't wait to see what you will do with them. Hugs, Buttons #70

  8. nOTHING WRONG IN GETTING EXCITED ABOUT NEW STORAGE. (oops! sorry about the cap.lock) I only wish I had the space for more storage myself. The flowers are gorgeous. I bet the scrapbook of your sisters party will be even more special because you kept those gems for it.

  9. Thanks for stopping by, yes my Cuttlebug has a great view over the garden and I agree about the hydrangers as ours have been good this year too. Looks like your Cuttlebug is quite happy in its new home as well and I'd be jumping for joy at the cupboard too. BJ#100

  10. That new cupboard with all the storage boxes is just fabulous. You must be so delighted to be able to fill it up.
    It is nice to have the cuttlebug out all the time! Mine is a /''Big Shot...same sort...and I love to have it out and ready to crank out some items.
    Your garden pictures are superb!

  11. I would have thought it odd if you WEREN'T crazy excited about that storage unit, it's wonderful!

    The flowers--so gorgeous. Have to admit, I'm a lil' bit jealous of your hydrangeas. It was so very dry here, mine didn't bloom but two tiny heads, so I very much appreciate the pics of yours!!

    Happy WOYWW!
    :)trisha, #144

  12. That's a marvelous unit, Ali! Did you say where it came from and I missed it? I know you had a heck of a time with delivery, but DH did a great job and I can see why you are bursting with excitement. One thing that nevers fails to get me excited is organization!!

    And those hydrangeas - OMG! Thank you for sharing! I've had a lousy season with my two bushes, just one really lame bloom and nothing since. I'm so jealous!!

    Have a great week! Thank you for coming by my place earlier! Darnell #74

  13. Those black calla lilies are gorgeous! COngrats on all of the organizing, feels great, I bet!

  14. beautiful pictures of the flowers and the hydrangias...are hydrangeas really flowers? Love that crafting unit! Very nice! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! Vickie #114

  15. I need your storage unit Love it...the flowers are gorgeous adore the Hydrangeas..Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#65

  16. I love your new storage unit and no you don't need to get out more, you just need more storage. LOL Hydrangeas are one of my favourtie flowers and I have many colours in my garden even the Red ones. Beautiful flower arranging too.

    Happy Crafting
    Eliza #88

  17. Lovely storage unit I've got some of those boxes but I agree with you they need a home of their own the flower arrangements look very lovely and the hydrangea pics are fab lovely colours, thank you for popping by toni x

  18. Great new storage Alison and lots of crafty goodness on your desk.
    Love the pics of the hydrangeas, they really are gorgeous. I have one in a pot that has done quite well.
    Thanks for the visit.
    Happy WOYWW and hope you are having a good week.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  19. DUDE! I am so jealous! And no! No way! Not even! No how! You are not a sad individual for being excited over a craft unit, especially such a fancy one! It looks nice and sturdy, which is a must if there is paper involved. I'm sure people are happy that I don't live in an upstairs apartment!!!! My paper and I would have crashed through to the ground floor by now. We understand that with all the sorting you haven't had much time to craft. That is how it goes sometimes--you can either sort or play. The good thing about choosing to sort is when you do play it is so much easier! Your flower arrangement is cool-pink and black! Love it! Also, the wild flowers are awesome. We don't see those in my neck of the woods... er, desert.

  20. You're definitely not sad!!!! It's a great unit as well. Wow what a great lot of stash you have to play with. Have fun. I agree with you about the hydrangeas- my son and family have a gorgeous pink one in their garden - I love em. Thanks for visiting me. Sorry I'm late. Anne x #149

  21. Ah Ali how wondrously superb that shelving unit is - would be enough to send all crafters into raptures of delight and wow do love those hydrangeas too really beautiful!! Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #23

  22. How annoying to wait for all the drawers to arrive! But luckily you got it and your sweetheart built it together - the sad thing is now - did you ever find your things again?
    Go lucky with it.
    Thanks for stopping by earlier this week!
    BarbaraBee # 116

  23. Thank you for your recent woyww comment. My knitting will grow up to be a scarf if my son doesn't unravel it first lol? I love your hydrangeas picture as I love hydrangeas, I even have a stamp with one on :-).
    Jane #132

  24. Ok! I am a storage freak and now I MUST have one of these lol. It's fab!

  25. Only just seen this post. I really want those storage units. I gaze at them when I see them in magazines or on their website! Great that you have your Cuttlebug out now - the only way to ensure that you use it. Ali x