Wednesday, 26 September 2012

WOYWW - In The Sun !

This week my "workdesk" is in the sunshine on the terrace of our back garden in Spain !
After counting down for 78 days we finally headed out here on Saturday - it was worth the 2am start !
I managed to squeeze some stash into my suitcase (and hand luggage - things were getting desperate !) and bring my Neocolour crayons & my journal !

 So on my desk today you can see my breakfast - fresh peaches, plums & nectarines fried with a teaspoon of butter & honey (well I am on holiday !) and served with Greek yoghurt - and some of my stash !

I was allowed to open some of my birthday presents early before we left - the parcels too big to bring - and my sister had bought me some new Crafty Individuals stamps, then I had some stamps free with my new subscription to Craft Stamper & there are a couple of Stamp Addicts ones that I also got lured by - they leapt into the baggage so I can mess around with them whilst I have time to play !

Today, however, I am playing in my art journal - finishing a page I made about how I love a bop on the dance floor when I get the chance - even though I have 2 left feet (I traced round mine for the page ! ), can't told a tune and have absolutely no sense of rhythm !! Still a girl can boogie in her own little world !!

And the second page is work in progress - my friend Lynda challenged me to create a page on the theme "Tick Tock" - so this has Birds of Time made up from various Paperartsy stamps - and is about the contradictions of time - of how it is both the primeval experience of nature and yet a completely artificial human concept !
 Just great to have the time to mess around in my journal at all !

Well better scoot now - we are off to stay in a hotel in the mountains converted from a monastery - one of our favourite places ever - for the night on Thursday so I can wake up there on my birthday Friday. They haven't had rain here for weeks - and it is due to rain Friday - just typical - must have brought it with us from Wales !

Anyway, have a great crafty week !


  1. Lucky you, Ali. I hope you have a fabulous time. I love your Tick Tock pages, those Paperartsy stamps are so much fun. Your new stash looks great too.

  2. What lovely stamps you got for your birthday and subs. Enjoy your hols in the sun. We love your tick tock page by the way

  3. Oh, to be in the sun with fab crafty stash... you have me dreaming now:) Hope you have a fabulous birthday and the rain doesn't fall (surely there can't be much left as most of it has fallen over the UK!!) Hugs, Buttons #70

  4. Happy WOYWW. So jealous of your Spanish sunshine - it has been nearly 10 months since we were last abroad (in wonderful Lanzarote). Your breakfast looks yummy. Have a wonderful birthday, whatever the weather brings. Love your journal pages. So much inspiration. Ali x #62

  5. Have a wonderful birthday and an equally wonderful holiday! You look well stocked to have some crafty fun!

  6. What a lovely sounding place to be spending your morning! Breakfast sounds wonderful - holiday or not! :) You've got some fun new goodies there! Happy WOYWW! Tammy #102

  7. Super Great journal pages, love them both.
    Krisha #40