Tuesday, 4 September 2012

WOYWW - Scrapping Alpacas !

Hi hope everyone is well ?
Not so much happening on the desk this week - as I blogged my weekend's projects on Sunday - so I didn't think I could roll those crafty works out again !

So today you can see me my getting my pictures, leaflets & some Alpaca Fleece ready for scrap-club tomorrow night.

As any of you who have stopped by before may know I am mad about Alpacas !

And when we were on holiday we went to visit The Alpaca Park in North Devon - they are so adorable !!

So they will definitely be getting a double page spread - so on my chair there is a a bag of papers & scrapping stuff - packed & ready to go !

I had hoped to show you something a bit different today !

I had ordered a new storage unit designed to hold my Really Useful Boxes from Storage4Crafts - and scheduled the delivery for after 1.30pm today when Rich would be home from work.

So of course Fed-Ex ignored that time slot completely & delivered this morning AND moreover decided to deliver one box of the 2 & leave the 2nd one at their depot - they really are totally useless !! Typical rubbish delivery courier service !

So now instead of being able to show you my new unit - I just have a single box which is pointless without the other one & no idea when I may get the other box !
Maybe by next week I might have an update !!

Oh & I thought you might like to see the autumn cobwebs that are draped all over the plants in my gardens the past few days ! It was a lovely Autumn morning yesterday - with the translucent shimmery special light you get on fine Autumn mornings - so I did an early morning photo-shoot !

So hope you have a fun crafty week & looking forward to seeing your desks too !
Ali x


  1. Happy Alpaca scrapping. Hope you get the rest of youn unit soon, useless delivery firms!

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time at your scrap group and looking forward to seeing your finished alpaca lay out! As for those cobwebs, they give me the shivers, lol, I hate spiders! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. " We're alpacas from the Andes, And we've hooves instead of handies!!" Hope you have young children in your life or you will think I have lost the plot!?!

    ** Kate **


  4. There are alpacas near us too - I love to see them as I'm passing.
    I'll visit again in the hope of seeing the completed scrapbook pages.

    Janet #100

  5. Hi Ali, happy wednesday, so annoying when a delivery doesnt arrive when it should, hope to see the storage next week.
    Your garden looks lovely

    Jan S 124

  6. Lovely creative desk!!
    Do you also felt??
    Have a great Wednesday!
    Hugs Marleen #55

  7. An interesting desk with alpaca fleece on it, but now I understand why. Hope you get your new unit sorted soon, and that the delivery happens without too much more trouble.
    hugs {brenda} xox WOYWW147

  8. Looking forward to seeing the Alpaca layout - how brilliant to have the fleece to add to it! Good luck with the rest of your delivery, and happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  9. Aggggg! Couriers the bane of my life. Good luck with rest of delivery!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, your right about the alcohol pens, fine when the Page before and after isblank, if not, you end up (like me) wih a ruined page :(
    Happy WOYWW

  10. Tried to follow youbut it won't let me at the moment :(

  11. You are so organised to have everythin g ready to go already.
    Frustrating when things don't happen like they are supposed to.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #70

  12. Yay! It worked it let me follow you :) x

  13. Hi Ali. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, the Finnabair I mentioned is the same lady (Ana) who ran the course in Ireland. She produces amazing work that I am totally in awe of and it must have been fab to go on one of her courses.
    Would love to see your alpaca project when it is finished as that looks really interesting. Hugs, Buttons #114

  14. Never have patience for FedEx when it comes to craftin' supplies!

  15. Enjoyable post, Ali, but I'm sorry for the delivery screw up! So frustrating! Loved your cool photos!! Have a great week! Darnell #93

  16. Love your bag - such a fun one to carry around. Sorry about the delivery - so frustrating but don't be angry maybe it is not the mail mans fault.
    Enjoy your scrapping (of the paper kind) and look forward to seeing the end result.
    Hugs, Neet 84 xx

  17. Had to pop by again with a link to the Nuzzle And Scratch theme tune! I can't find an episode, there's probably one on Utube, it's some of the best British TV has to offer at the moment.

    ** Kate **

  18. beautiful flowers in your garden! Very nice. Love the crop bag. I am grousing about my mail person today also. I don't know why they don't understand what I have told them 20m times in the past. Don't leave my stuff in the sun on the porch! It is usually stamps or inks and they don't take well to the heat and light. Oh well giving it up for tonight. HOpe the rest of your desk comes soon! Wish you could be here for the grand opening too...I make a mean cake and my friend has all sorts of things planned for the party! Have a great week! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love to hear from folks. Vickie #66

  19. How crazy are those couriers, leaving half of the delivery, typical. Hope you get the rest really soon. Those alpacas are gorgeous. Love the flowers but not so the cobwebs. We get big spiders here and webs mean spiders!!
    Have a great week.
    Von #58

  20. It’s so annoying when you arrange for something to be delivered at a specific time/day and let you down. Fingers crossed they bring the second one soon and you can get all your crafty stash sorted in its nice new home.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @# 117

  21. Ali, thanks for visiting my blog. I couldn't find your e-mail so I am posting here. I saw your request for a close-up of my journals and they are now posted
    By the way I love the pictures of your flowers!!

  22. You are so sweet about it all,sometimes I am ready to jump on the backs of those delivery men! LOLMika #146

  23. Never mind, at least you will have something exciting for next week too! #127

  24. Great photos. Enjoy organising the new storage! jenx

  25. Hi, sorry I'm late this week, been trying to sort my craft room out lol. I really love the bits you can get from storage 4 crafts and I do use all the boxes but on large shelves that go across the room, can't wait to nosy at yours next week, how annoying that the courier was so 'useless', even though what he was delivering was 'useful' storage, oh no that was a really bad joke. Hope your scrapping went well, you certainly seemed packed ready and the pics were beautiful. I love those flowers in your garden they are stunning, I love went we have the first freeze and you come out in the morning to see all the cobwebs glistening. Happy Woyww :-) Kerry xxx