Tuesday, 20 November 2012

WOYWW - Art Deco Cards

Hi there - hope everyone is keeping the flu bugs & tummy bugs at bay ?
Both are doing the rounds here in West Wales - not hit us yet - keeping fingers & toes crossed we dodge them both !

The trusty Work-Desk is relatively under control this week, as I had a good tidy up at the weekend. Well if I can see the middle of the desk I count that as tidied !
I sort of tune out the clutter across the back !!

So on my desk this week is a half finished journal page - I saw this image & couldn't get the first line of this poem out of my head - Lord knows how long that has been filed in the depths of my brain - since school - so that is over 30 years !!
Anyway it kept sneaking into my conciousness when my concentration lapsed on something else - so I had to give in & look up the poem !!
It obviously wanted to make it into my journal - so I am using the first stanza - but this is all I have managed on the page so far !

I also have a Christmas card I am part way through making .... I'm not really a card maker as you may know, so am struggling to think how it will go together & how to Christmas it up ! Think I just need to sit & play around a bit !

Most of my limited crafting time last weekend was spent finishing off my Art Deco decoupage cards - they are A5 which is huge compared to what I have made before !!
So it was a bit of a leap of faith to put them together !
The images were big to start with - and a frenzy of matting later they were even bigger !!

Also on my desk I have a Friendship bag which my friend Lynda gave me for my birthday - it was so cute & I appreciated the thoughts behind it so much, I have kept it on my desk but I thought that the sweetie was likely to go sticky & spoil everything else - so I thought I better eat that bit !

And here on the floor by my desk are my bags packed to take to Scrap Club tomorrow night - we are doing inky techniques onto tags - which should be some good messy fun !!

Hope you all have a fun crafty week & looking forward to seeing what you are all up to !!
Ali xx


  1. Is that "She walks in beauty..."? I can't quite make out the words, but I think so. It really does have quite the stuck-in-your-head effect.

  2. Unfortunately not dodged the cough/cold bug here in Surrey,seem to have had the former for about 5 weeks and the latter this past week! It's what you get for having a school aged child I suppose, although he seems to have come off alot more lightly than me! Oh back to the desks. Can't quite read the poem nor the friendship bag tag which is a shame, sure they are super though. The cards are fantastic well done you the non-card maker! BJ#5

  3. Happy WOYWW. No flu here (although my Fibro means that I feel like I have got flu - or been run over by a truck - every day) and we had the tummy bug a few weeks ago. Withybush Hospital was closed to visitors due to it. Seems to happen every year now. Gorgeous cards - Xmas and Art Deco. I was just looking through my Xmas card box (yes, I was keen earlier in the year!) and they vary so much in style. I think that most of them from now on will either be made digitally (I can sit in front of the tv and design several in a hour) or be a very simple stamped sentiment. Annoyingly, they are often the best ones! Wish we had a Scrap Club near us. Ali x #19

  4. great looking desk today. Love your art deco cards! I think they turned out awesome for being first of that size for you to make. I balk at trying new things so good for you! Thanks for sharing and have a great week. Vickie #2

  5. Morning, thanks for letting me peek into your creative world this morning. Love the Art Deco cards.

  6. Amazing cards...I love that you said if you can see the middle of the desk you consider it tidied! I am the same....well, If I am being honest it is usually 'If I can see ANY of the desk I consider it tidied!'...I am always so happy to see the desks of WOYWW! Makes me feel not so guilty about the state of mine because if we all work the same way then it must be the right way to work!

  7. Your art deco cards are wonderful. We struggle with Christmas cards too, despite having made them for years, maybe it's because of the need to make in bulk.

    The bears @#78 this week

  8. What lovely art deco cards - thanks for sharing!

  9. Love the Art Deco cards, and just had a look at last weeks post, I went to the NEC too on Saturday, and like you came away with loads of new goodies. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #107

  10. Love those cards! I am not into the inky messy things (yet!) Hope you have fun at the crop.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #8

  11. Well, you're busy..and your desk..with space! ..looks very calm, belies all the work you've been doing. The cards are great..big for sure, but really great...the 'frenzy' of matting w so worthwhile!!

  12. Your art deco cards are gorgeous - so elegant! You've obviously been crafting hard recently :) And South west Wales, huh? I was brought up in Pembrey near Llanelli and still return frequently to see my dad!!
    Hugs, LLJ #36 xx

  13. those cards are gorjuss, looks like your gonna have lots of fun with your craft bags all packed, thanks for the snoop

    judie no 70

  14. A lovely peek at all your goodies--have fun at Scrap Club!

    Happy woyww!
    #122ish this week

  15. Hullo there Ali am really loving those art deco cards they are really gorgeous and can imagine they must have been really fun to make.. however no matter how I magnified your pickie I could not make out your poem that tormented you and so now you are keeping us (or me anyway) in suspenders over what it is???
    Many thanks for popping over and for sharing ~ Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #1

  16. What is the poem? It gets blurry when I try to enlarge it. Love love the Deco ladies!! Have fun getting inky! Wish I were going too! Happy WOYWW! Nan 93

  17. I love these Art Deco cards. We sell them in my shop, but i haven't got around to buying any yet. Great to see them made up! Keep up the great work! x

  18. Oooh! I too would love to know the words of the poem and also what's on the label of the Friendship bag too. You must know we're a nosey lot on here! Some lovely makes there!
    Thanks for visiting and pleased you like my angels too.
    Jo x

  19. Hi there Ali thanks so much for popping back and putting me out of suspenders :D
    The he poem was Byron's She Walks in Beauty Like the Night is not one I know (my knowledge of poetry is sadly very sparse really felt it when used to go to calligraphy class remember the ones I have done for the most part when at school but dont think it was much or enough..
    I looked it up and a lovely poem too, and can see why it stuck in your head - not sure have read any of Byron's before!! love Shaz in oz.x

  20. Hehe! I can see part of my desk therefore it is tidy! I love this - it will be my new mantra :)
    Laura 87