Tuesday, 6 November 2012

WOYWW - Art Deco & Club Projects

Hi hope everyone is well ?

For those of us in the Northern half of the world the dark nights are totally upon us - it's virtually dark by 4pm on wet days - oh and boy did it pour all weekend !
Never mind it was nice just to huddled up in the house  !
On Saturday I had a lovely quite afternoon with my new crafty goodies whilst DH was off watching football in the lashing rain & with hail stones thrown in !

Then on Sunday we were happy "cwtch up" (as they say here in Wales !!) together & watch the episode of Strictly Come dancing we had recorded - whilst the rain pounded on the windows !

On my desk this week are a mixture of things - from projects ready to take to Scrap Club tomorrow night to some new extra long plates from my Cuttlebug & some leafy dies ..

I have bought some 13" plates & some long dies - they are Sizzix & I am trying to get them to cut through my Bug - I am not getting a great cut - so I think I need to play with some shamming layers - any advice very welcome !!

 We are having a challenge night at Club - we are all bringing along something that we think the rest of the group would enjoy doing - and we hope to plan the projects all we fancy doing in for the meetings to come next year.

My first idea are to scrap "My Life Right Now" - we often scrap our holidays, big events & our friends & families - but I think in years to come it will be fascinating to look back on the everyday things - our handbags, our shampoo, our lunch, our favourite TV programme, the book we are reading - in fact just snippets of our daily lives - I hope to do one each year & it will be fun to compare them !!

Then I have a couple of ideas for mini tag books - I have played with making one from a single 12"x 12" sheet of paper - but it was a bit small - so I messed about with one from made from 2 sheets.  Lets see if the rest of the girls fancy my ideas !!

This week I have delved back into my Wellington Bear card making stash & whipped up a card for my nephew ...

And last but not least I have been layering up the decoupage pieces from the new Art Deco Docrafts kit I bought on Saturday (went in for Nordic Christmas stash but got lured in my this !!) - I'm not sure if my card making skills are up to using these - but I am taking the kit to Club tomorrow in the hope of some advice ! So any tips or ideas you have for me would be much appreciated !!

Take care & have a great crafty week - hope I may see some of you at the NEC Hobbycrafts show on Saturday ?

Ali xx


  1. I haven't used my Bug since I got the Big Shot so not sure what layers you need, but I do love these dies (fiddly though they are!!) Hope you sort it. Helen 4

  2. Hi Ali, I´ve made it! I really love those Art Deco pieces, a friend made me a birthday with them, a giant card it was too.
    Joey loved his card by the way.
    Dont tell Rich its raining here as he´s sure to send an email, laughing no doubt, forcast sun tomorrow
    Jan 94

  3. Happy WOYWW. Can't help you with the dies (sold my Cuttlebug last month - I found it difficult to get the 'sandwich' through, and wasn't using it much) or the Art Deco - my crafty brain is lacking any inspiration. Going to the NEC will definitely help me. I made a mini book from a 6 x 6" sheet - only a few 'pages', but really cute and simple. Ali x #63

  4. We really love the idea for a my life right now LO and may have to give that a go. Got up, ate hunny, had back scratch against a tree.....

    Enjoy your group, it sounds great.

  5. What a great desk, so many dies, I just love them. Have a big shot so I can't give advice. I did find a video on Youtube that was great. You might dig around there to find what you need.
    Krisha #45

  6. Can't help with the dies as I haven't tried the Sissix ones with the Bug. I do like those Art Deco images though, really stylish. Thanks for you kind comments today. We have had 9 nuisance calls so far today. xx Maggie #40

  7. Nothing like a good cwtch-up now is there - right love! Guess where I was brought up then? Anyway you asked Cuttlebug and as I love mine and have BOTH those dies (and more) but not a long A plates how can I be of help? Another friend who recently bought a cuttlebug found an alphabet strip die wasn't cutting too well to start with but got better. I use A then B then die face up and card on die and another B ontop. Never needed any shims. I find it cuts better near the sides rather than the middle and better if you just cut each shape out individually rather than cutting a whole strip. Some card is better than others to cut too it would seem and I must admit the fine points on some of the Festive shapes won't cut that well. Do e-mail me back if you'd like any more advice. BJ#30

  8. Awesome cards! I love those two dies and I had the same issue getting to cut like I wanted it to. Only thinner cardstock works and I still had to shim it with an addition bit of chip board in my Big Shot. Works fine in the TH Vagabond! Thanks for visiting my desk this week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #77

  9. happy woyww, wow, I love the art deco set you have. Im sure you will make something beautiful with them.
    mark x

  10. Very cute card, and those art deco pieces are so elegant--very fine!

    #129ish this week

  11. You have lots of irons in the fire there, Ali! (I'm so addled I can only work on one thing at a time!) The thing I think is so awesome is your idea to scrap "My Life Right Now" using everyday current items of this and that. I love it!! What a wonderful gift to leave for future generations.

    Thanks for coming by to see me earlier and I hope you have a great time at Club and a wonderful week! Darnell #42

  12. So nice to have an art club to go to:)

    Your card is really sweet...such a wonderful image.
    Don't have a cuttlebug so no help here...but your dies are lovely!

  13. So much going on hun!! Love your idea for the Right Now project. It's amazing how quickly things change:) Hugs, Buttons x

  14. Wow, those art deco pieces are so pretty. I bought a "C" plate for my bug when I needed the extra thickness to cut. Seems to work great. I always had a problem getting the extra paper to be just right for the cut. Brigita #117

  15. Love those dies! I love the deco pieces too - so pretty! Thanks for popping by my blog this week!


  16. You are so busy there with lots of lovely projects. It's funny I have been thinking I need to scrap more run of the mill stuff too. Like you say holidays, children and big events are great but we forget the everyday stuff and that is just as important.
    Your weekend sounds perfect. Why do men love to stand in the rain watching sport, I'll never understand it!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #71