Tuesday, 13 November 2012

WOYWW - Gorgeous Goodies !

Well last week was the big Hobbycrafts show at the NEC in Birmingham - and on Saturday I took 3 other friends from our little Scrapbook Club up there for a fun day's shopping !
It was a long day - 2 3/4 hours driving each way & 5 hours walking around the show - so I was pretty shattered by the evening - but I found some really lovely goodies so it felt all worth while !

So here on my desk are some of my new playthings !

There are some stunning masks & stencils available now - and I have found some great Autumn & Winter themed ones & I am looking forward to working on some scrap pages, art journal pages and cards with these over the next few months ...

As you may know I have a passion for stamps !
And the stalls had such an array of great stamps to choose from .. I have a cute one from Little Clare with owls on a tree, some nature & art journal ones from Inkylicious - do check them out - they offer some lovely stamps .. http://www.inkylicious.co.uk/

And a couple from new designers - a new young designer called Chloe who has only just finished school but now has her own business (http://www.chloescreativecards.co.uk/) & Jo Firth Young at Paperartsy - I have met Jo at various Artsycrafty weekends & she is a lovely lady .. http://shop.paperartsy.co.uk/jofy-collection-286-c.asp

I also love Lavinia Stamps http://laviniastamps.com/- I mainly have her nature stamps but she was the first to offer fairy silhouettes - and although many have copied her - I believe Tracy's are still the original & the best !

So I succumbed to a fairy stamp and had a little play !

We had a gorgeous crisp, cold, azure-skied winter's day here on Sunday.
As we drove in the early morning light, to go to the swimming pool, we went through the forest.
The morning mist was rising wraith like from the damp ground & over the river valley and the sun was slanting through the russet trees making the glowing leaves come alive with Autumn fire - it was one of those "great to be alive moments" & I really wanted to share a couple of my photos with you !

I hope your week brings you a "good to be alive moment" - it may just be a moment but do take the time to savour it - I find it feeds the soul ! have a great week ! Ali x


  1. It looks as thoughh your fab journal page is inspired by that antastic first phot, love both. We would have loved to have gone to the NEC but feared a giant crush of paws to get to the stalls. You got some great stuff.

    Love from the bears

  2. Oh, wow! Your play is impressive...what a fab composure. So many perfect little details, from the spider web to the mushrooms, and perfectly proportioned. Great job! And congrats on the stamp and mask haul, nice stuff, looks fun. :)
    Deeyll #66

  3. Your day sounded just like mine and your shopping looks rather like mine to!!!!! Lol
    Seems we purchased at the same stands
    Jackie 58

  4. oh wow, I've only recently discovered stencils, and your new stash looks fantastic.
    Love your fairy artwork.

  5. Three of us "did" the show on Thursday but not with such a trek as yours! Not been on the first day before and, boy, wasn't it packed!?!?!?! I do wish people wouldn't leave their manners at the door too!
    I bought some of the same masks as you - lots of great designs available. Love your fairy - I tried to be good this time and not buy so many stamps.......I was sort of good LOL!!
    Happy WOYWW

  6. Ali I love love the stencils. I have still not cracked mine open. I so love them and after the holidays I plan on playing with them.

    You got such lovely items. Sorry your commute was so long but the goodies and time with friends I am sure were worth the trip.

    Those photos are remarkable. Thank you so much for sharing them.

    Thanks for dropping by my desk.

    Belinda (32)

  7. Happy WOYWW. As you know, my drive to the NEC was even longer - but it was worth it. I got some stencils too (and the sparkle medium) and dying to get them out for a play. Had a sore right arm today, but perhaps tomorrow I will find a spare half hour? I have seen Chloe and her stamps on C&C before, and impressed by her design skills/maturity and confidence (which is, of course, the clue to her success at such a young age). Gorgeous photos - autumn is probably my favourite time of year. Ali x #71

  8. Goodies galore, you have some fab stencils there, I so need some as I only have 2! How do you store all yours btw? BJ#36

  9. Wonderful goodies. I also love Lavinia stamps and have that fairy stamp...I love the way you have used her, so pretty! Thanks for sharing. Caro #89

  10. Love all your new stash... I was a bit more restrained at the NEC on the Sunday (but not very). And thank you so much for sharing those glorious autumnal photos - they really do lift the heart (I've got a couple too over at mine...). Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  11. What great additions to your stash, especially the stencils. Your fairy page is just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. :-)
    HeatherM #112

  12. great looking desk piled full of awesome stash! Love all the stencils and stamps and could have a good time playing with them! Too bad Wales and Oklahoma are so far apart! ;-) Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #62

  13. sorry im late no time yesterday to visit... wow what a brilliant haul , you did have fun...that will keep you busy for ages.thank you for the links they are very helpful Your photos are lovely isn't nature a beautiful thing. . I appreciate you visiting me and your and kind comment... have a wonderful week.. Andrea x #60

  14. nice craft goodies you got there. I would be playing with them asap
    Bridget #33

  15. Hi Ali, I'm still plugging through visiting folks. What a wonderful stash you have newly acquired for all the hours and effort! I enjoyed your photos, too!

    Have a great couple of weeks!! (Like a lot of us in the States, I suspect, I won't be WOYWWing next week because I'll be in the kitchen prepping for Thanksgiving.) All the best! Darnell #41

  16. Hullo there Ali, ah your work here is just awesome with the fairy silhouette.. I don't care who you copied and tying not to drool at the rest of the goodies :D
    Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #10