Tuesday, 4 June 2013

WOYWW - Finally Some Sunshine !!

Yeh Hey - Yippee - Turn a Cartwheel & Hang Out the Bunting ... the sun is finally shining !!
3 whole days in a row it must be a record !

So what with the lure of the garden & a weekend away - not much crafting done yet again !

1st picture to show you is the great ATC I had from Lucy in last weeks's swap - so much brilliant neat stitching & then made bespoke from her to me for the swap !

She did all the WOYWW  letters from scratch to her design - really one to treasure !

Hope to see more of your swaps too as I blog hope this week !

On my desk this week you can see some stamps that came free with a magazine - all beach & sea-side themed - should be good for summer scrapping !

Also a peacock stamp I bought at Ally Pally which I have been colouring in
Then a customer feedback flyer from quick purchase in Hobbycraft in Staines on Friday night !

Oh and a leaflet for Artstamps Show at Newbury - and letter to say they have cancelled the South Wales show for the 2nd year running.

I am well fed up about that as we NEVER get anything crafty going on down here in Wales - my friends from Scrapclub & I had our trip to the show all planned for early September - and now it's canceled again ! Grr !

At the weekend we headed up to stay at a hotel in Staines - it was very strange as we used to live there in the late 1990's until 2001 - it was very odd seeing all the things that had changed - and to be honest even stranger to see what hadn't changed at all !!

The purpose of the trip was to go to see Mark Knopfler in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall - we have been going to his concerts for over 20 years - since the Dire Straits days - his music is very different now but we still love it !

He writes some eclectic & amazing songs - very folksie but he did play a few of the old songs which had everyone up on their feet  !

I always think that it must be very frustrating for these artists who want to evolve in new ways - new songs & new sounds - yet the audience would have been happy just to have had him play the old Dire Straits stuff all night ! It was the same when we went to see Paul McCartney a few years ago - the audience weren't bothered about the new songs - just wanted the Beatles tunes !!

We headed back to Wales early on Sunday so I could get a few hours in the garden & I was able to plant my summer pots up at last.

I also had been inspired by the alpine troughs I saw in Malvern & Wisley - Rich bought me a little trough & we had a go at creating one of our own !

We used an old pot that had cracked in the frost & tried to mimic the look - maybe not quite as professional looking as the ones I saw at the show & gardens but on the same lines !!

These were the ones that inspired me .....

And here is my attempt !!

Hope you have a great week !
Ali xx


  1. I do like your take on the troughs! Sad to hear your outing to the craft show is cancelled. You girls will just have to make a week-end of cropping out of it instead.

  2. WOW what a super ATC, your desk goodies look great and the concert brill. But honestly the kitchen sink as well! Oh sorry the Alpine garden, love the broken pot parts in between the plants, super cool. BJ#22

  3. Do you do home visits...my garden is sadly neglected!
    Sounds like the concert was great, we usually get our fix of live music at festivals during the summer. What a shame about the craft show but there's always Ally Pally again in September and Kettering in October! Hugs. Pam#9

  4. Shame the show is cancelled, that is a bummer! Love your alpine garden, hope it thrives now we have some sun! Helen, 5

  5. What a wonderful ATC your received. Love your garden in a pot looks terrific. Mine are all still wizzing around in the postal service as I am in Australia but what excitement there is still to come my way..
    You will have to see what passed behind me at a scrapbooking crop I went to last Friday its on my post sneak a peek..
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy :)

  6. Hi Ali
    your desk is looking great this morning I shall have to look out for the magazine with the stamps. Have you seen the Get Stamping magazine they have fantastic free stamps.
    Loving your planting looks amazing
    Wishing you a very happy WOYWW and hope you have a great week
    Ria #40

  7. What a fab ATC. We used to love Dire straights but haven't heard any of MK's new music. We found the same when we went to Alison Moyet, we just wanted to hear her 80's hits!

    Waving hi from the bears @#85 this week.

  8. Hi Ali - bummer about the shows being cancelled - its lovely to see all the ATC's around everyone's desks... Happy WOYWW... Mxx #98

  9. How awful that your show is cancelled :-(
    Your ATC is fabulous.
    I love your alpine garden. It looks fantastic.

  10. That stitched ATC is brilliant...I love it! She's very clever at stitching is that Lucy!
    Love the rock garden too, it looks very professional :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 35 xxxx

  11. Oh Bum! My friend and I were planning a trip to the Show!!! Grrr! Next near one is NEC but too close to C!!
    Great pot there! I must sort my sink out too as it is looking a little bedraggled!

  12. I'm so glad you like your ATC, and that it got to you safely. Sorry your event got cancelled. You should hold a mini crop for people in your area. Thanks for popping by, have a great week - Lucy #27 x

  13. Loving the look of the goodies on your desk and oh boy were you inspired with the trough! Now that's crafting on a grand scale. Happy WOYWW, hugs Jenny #131

  14. I swear I recognize Mark Knopfler's name as someone who used to play with John Denver in the 70 and 80's???? I think you received the best ATC of all!!! Happy WOYWW! Sue K

  15. Love your sink planter!
    Karen #38