Tuesday, 18 June 2013

WOYWW - In a Spin

So because I blogged my weekend creations on Sunday to meet a challenge deadline - there's not so much to show you on my desk this week !

Just a Journal page & some new stamps ..

 I think that there are times in life when you think that all is stable, unlikely to change and you will just potter onwards in the same old way - and then times when you think life is a hitting a maelstrom, everything churning and out of kilter - with nothing certain as you look into the future.

I am sure that the seemingly stable times in life are just an illusion - the opportunity for change & turmoil is always just a heartbeat away - but it is always hard to face when you hit a bumpy patch !

There are a few things happening in my life at the moment - and I feel very churned up & uncertain - many of the things I thought were certain, the plans I had for the future seems to be unraveling.
I needed to express this somehow & turned to my Journal - it looks very rough, swirling & clashing but it seems to fit the bill on how I am feeling !

Also on my desk are some Dylusions Alphabet stamps - the crazy thing is I was able to buy them over the internet from the USA and have them posted to me - for £5 cheaper than I could have bought them from the shop here in the UK of Dyan who designed them  !!

I'm looking forward to playing with them !

Well you can never have too many alphabet stamps can you !

When I was in Paris last week, I saw this sign in a restaurant - I loved both the colour wheel style and the flowers & leaves design - thought I would share it with you !

I would like to use it as inspiration for a project sometime soon !

Hope you have a great crafty week !


  1. lovely work and I enjoyed your post about life, it's really just like you said! The interesting part is that this applies to everyone, sometimes you think it's just you!

  2. Hi Ali. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes we all do feel this way at times in life. Everything is going great and one feels full of life and then the unexpected happens and down we go. But hey, we pick ourselves up and continue on our journey no matter what. Like your work, nice job, great colors.

  3. Hi Ali,
    Such is life, but the alternative is so much worse!! Besides gravity has a way of hanging onto us.....LOL
    Love the sign for Paris, it is a great inspirational piece!
    Krisha #4

  4. I'm a 3 hour train ride from Paris! Love the sign too, very inspirational! Times of trials and testing are meant to strengthen and mature us.When you look back on this time you will be amazed how you came through and what you can use to help others. One day at a time my friend.
    Anne #40

  5. Great journal pages, isn't it always the way, that things can be cheaper thousand miles away than on our doorstep. Francesca #44

  6. I'm glad you are journaling to express yourself, Ali. You have good writing skills and you expressed very well about how life can change in an instant. I hope that all the uncertainties and upheavals you are currently facing get resolved soon for you, so you can get back on an even footing.

    Great bargain - but odd about the pricing, isn't it? Happy WOYWW and thanks for coming to visit me! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #20

  7. Excellent journal page, know the feeling well as struggling with a lot of stuff at present. BJ#55

  8. Seems like that is a great use of a journal - to express our feelings. Those bumpy patches are difficult indeed; but I do think in the end something good comes from everything. I know that sounds Pollyanna, but none the less I believe it be true. I'm also a fan of yin and yang, so maybe when the bumpy patch is particularly bumpy, the good thing is grand. I hope so for you. Journal away!!
    And I know what you mean about pricing....sometimes it seems like it is all over the place!!
    Sara j #56

  9. What a gorgeous journal page! I don't usually express my feelings in my journal, but your page speaks to me today! Helen 31

  10. Great journal pages!! Sadly, stability IS an illusion - life is ALL about change!!
    Love your stamps, and yes, it's crazy what we pay in the UK for art supplies!
    A really great post today!
    Happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 32

  11. We totally love your journal page and agree with the sentiment behind it. We're very jealous of your alphabet stamps, another set we covet.

    Waving hi from the bears @#102 this week

  12. There's never nothing to see on your desk! I'm pleased that your art is allowing you to express yourself..andin more ways than one - you get all that turmoil and action onto the page and then you turn the page and all is calm and ready for fresh!

  13. That Heddiard sign certainly is lovely... Happy WOYWW... Mxx #110

  14. A journal is such a good place to get things off your chest. Hope things work out how you want them to. Love the sign. Hugs. Pam#38

  15. Life does keep us on our toes! Got your envelope yesterday with your lovely gifts and ATC. Thanks so much. #73

  16. Hi Ali
    I think we have out life mapped out and then life says hang on a minute I have other plans. All we can do is go with it and try to tweek what we are not too keen on.
    I love your journal pages and as for those alphabet stamps oh I need to get them
    Have a great WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #47

  17. Great journalling pages Ali.
    Happy Wednesday, Karin #137

  18. Hi Ali
    I love your journal page and hope you found doing it theraputic. I hope everything works out ok for you both.
    See you on saturday
    Lynda B xx

  19. I love your journal pages. This too shall pass. is what I try to tell myself when I'm going through the many storms of life. Hang in there. Thanks for stopping by #26

  20. Well dear Ali, you have gotten some great thoughts all so true,its about our journeys and which path we choose, and we always end up where we are suppose to be wishing you some peace in yours, you're still make wonderful art, being in Paris oh my, a dream of mine so thanks for sharing that beautiful sign, it is very inspirational, it will be interesting what it move you to make. Have fun with your new stamps, and just have fun..
    Thanks for your visit :)
    Dianne #119

  21. Some times change is good, other times change can unravel even the best laid plans. I love that spread in your journal, though. And that sign from Paris is superb. Have a super WOYWW from #17.

  22. unravelling, I think I am doing some of that at the moment! Love the journal pages.
    Karen #46

  23. Hi Ali, I think the beauty of being late to visit is I got to see those beautiful garden pictures. I love seeing gardens.

    Thank you for the earlier visit.

    Belinda (105)