Tuesday, 22 October 2013

WOYWW - Gelli Babies This Weekend !

Well the weather at the weekend was a rollercoaster of grey clouds, fleeting sunshine, deluge downpours & hailstones !
The menfolk headed off to footie on Saturday afternoon & Lynda came over for a play date !

We decided to dive in to playing with a Gelli Plate !

So we hauled the acrylic paints, brayer, stencils, paper & card down to the conservatory and had a happy few hours experimenting & getting covered in paint !

I am not much of one for experimenting on my own - it was so much more fun playing together !
We learnt a huge amount just messing around, bouncing ideas off each other and saying "what if we do this or that" !

By the end of the afternoon we each had a great stack of printed sheets to use in our journals and on projects !

Here's our creations !

This week my desk is its usual messy self !

I have a new page in my junk journal.

When I was passing through Heathrow earlier this month I wandered into the perfume section of the Duty Free Shop to have a little squirt of something fragrant, I spotted these cute fabric labels promoting the new fragrance from Guerlain - La Petite Robe Noire.

I just knew I had to grab one & create a page .. so I found this Prima doll stamp & tried some paper piecing ...

I have a page under construction - using one of my Gelli prints.

Its about how, as an adult, we tame our inner monsters to meet what is deemed socially acceptable ..

I very rarely lose my temper or even raise my voice but sometimes when I see a child have a tantrum, I secretly wonder if - when sorely provoked - it would be lovely to let the inner monster out - just once in a while !!

And also perched on the edge of the desk are a couple of Zentangle magazines - one about dangles & one a great magazine I picked up in Germany with some excellent designs as inspiration - planning to have a Zentangle play when I get a minute !

Anyway have a lovely crafty week & looking forward to seeing what you have been up to ! Ali xx


  1. What fun to play with rollers, paint, stencils and such like in company with friends.Nice spot to work in too.

  2. gosh you have been busy, I find once I start on my gelli plate I can't stop either, love the variety of effects you've achieved, Donna #52

  3. I 've thought about getting a Gelli plate, seems like lots of fun. You've done some really fun stuff there.

  4. Happy WOYWW. How lovely to have a crafty friend to share time with. You certainly produced some fab pages. Loving the Zentangle magazines. Haven't done any for a while, but treated myself to the new Peerless Designs 'Tangletastic' cd-rom and that will get me going (when I have a spare moment!). Ali x #49

  5. Wow that's a huge amount of Gelli prints for you to use. We really love your inner monster page and your junk journal page is so pretty. We keep meaning to make one.

    Bears #79

  6. What a fun play date! Your conservatory looks like a great place to play too.
    Krisha #44

  7. Your gelli playing looks great fun, I would have liked to join in!! The page you've made with one of your prints is fab, love the thought process behind it and your Prima doll project is gorgeous too. I've been playing with her too this week!!
    Hugs Lisax #56

  8. Looks like you guys had fun playing with the Gelli plates. Those are some great backgrounds.

    I love your observations about the inner monster. It really is true.

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #18

  9. Love your page with the stampotique monsters on!
    Jackie 42

  10. I do the fishwife thing at least once a month and it is good for the soul! Let your hair down and try it one day, even if there is no one else around to hear you...it works a treat. Love that prima doll stamp, I now have 5 in my collection. Yes it is always more fun to have a friend over to play with. I go to a friend once a month and 4 of us have a play date with paper, ink and embossing folders etc...Wish I lived closer to you.

  11. hhow fab a day you had with the Gelli plate, what a great way to experiment! and enjoy the way you wander round life picking up stuff fr the old journal..we're all the same! I love the page! that doll figure is lovely.

  12. You girls look like you had a blast!

    hugs robin 23

  13. greats post you've made some fab pages with your geli plate looks like you both had a great time . loving the prima stamp great page you have created and great idea with the perfume label dont you find its great when you find a gem even better when its free although I dont know if I could have resisted only taking one ! have fab week crafty hugs Andrea x

  14. You did have fun, didn't you?? What a lovely pile of painty goodness :-) Lynda looks as of she's having a blast!!
    And I think it's allowed to throw your toys out of the pram and tantrum occasionally..it's more effective than doing it constantly..... ;-)
    Hugs, LLJ 7 xx

  15. Looks like you had hours of fun, great results with the gelli plate. I reckon it would do us all good to occasionally throw a tantrum! Hugs. Pam#38