Tuesday, 10 June 2014

WOYWW - Messy Girl !

Well, I was missing in action last week for the very happy reason that my parents came over to Wales to stay !

The weather was mainly good & they seemed to have a great week and we got to spend a lovely weekend together.

On Saturday we went up to the Brecon Beacons & onto the Steam Railway - good fun !

Then Sunday we headed down to the Mumbles for breakfast on the pier - the pier is newly reopened and the new Lifeboat Station is up & running after a massive restoration project.

And we got to spend a happy afternoon pottering in the garden - it was great to have some help with a couple of bigger jobs !
Here's my amazingly coloured lupin

And my Veg Trug tidied up for the rest of the season !

So not much crafting has got done the past couple of weeks and my desk is truly a mess !

I am trying to make one of the Card in a Box cards that I have been seeing on-line - this will be a garden themed card for my Dad's birthday & I am just colouring in my new Amanda Loverseed Stampasaurous Shed Stamp !

And to complete the messy theme I have ordered some new messy mats for when I do actually get back to some crafty action !

Have a great crafty week !


  1. How lovely to see your parents, and what a great time it looks like you had. Love the crafty pile, hope you get to play soon! Helen

  2. Luke would do his mind on that train! He wants to go see the rugby match of Wales vs SA...I asked him which jersey he will wear...being a man of little words, I just got a look! Your garden looks spectacular and that veggie trug is overflowing! So nice to see as the last pic you posted was when you were setting it up. I am hooked on making those box cards. Have made about 30 now as nothing else looks as good to me at the moment. Thanks again for the parcel, it arrived timeously. I will now have to research a messy mat. Not seen them here. Have a great week. Bella (no number yet)

  3. Great picture of your parents, how fun to have them visit and spend time together.
    That Lupin is gorgeous.
    Happy WOYWW........just waiting for a linky from Julia

  4. What fun with your parents! So happy they could come!

  5. Hi Alison happy WOYWW and a big thank you for my ATC that arrived with a bundle from Julia. Not sure if you know that Julia is in hospital and Jan at LLJ has all the details. Looove your lupins, I do so love gardening and had a big week of it last week. Nice for you to have the folks visit and enjoy some time together. Cheers and have a great week RobynO

  6. WOW! Love all the pictures. Looks like you are having a great time. I would like to go back to Paris again sometime! Vickie #19