Monday, 30 June 2014

Photo Scavenger Hunt Summer 2014

Well I have started on this Summer's Photo Scavenger Hunt over on the Gallo Organico blog - here's my photo haul so far !

 Photo 4 - A Group of Tourists - gathered on the 1st landing of the Eiffel Tower ...

Photo 5 - A Rack of Postcards - in Montmartre

 Photo 9 - A Bakery - at the Market near Paris

 Photo 11 - A Horn - in an amazing Aladdin's carve of an Antiques Shop in Lechlade

 Photo 16 - A Sign In A Language Other Than English - The Artist's Square in Montmartre

 Photo 17 - A Lamp Post - on one of the stunning Parisian bridges - taken from the boat on the Seine
 Photo 18 - A Waterfall - in Wisley RHS Gardens

 Photo 19 - A Public Garden - RHS Wisley - the Greenhouse seen from the Hill

 Photo 20 - A Bus with a Painted Side - Well taken in Paris of course !

Photo 21 - A Photo Symbolic of the Season - taken at Wisley the Poppies always say mid-Summer to me - tomorrow will be July 1st - the anniversary of the Battle of the Somme - so the Poppies are in my mind this week for that reason too.


  1. Beautiful Paris! Love the bridge with lamposts. I could just fancy a stroll round La Place du Tertre, then a stop by the baker's on the way home...

  2. So jealous of these wonderful photos! I love Paris and you have used the Scavenger Hunt to capture it so well. Thanks for joining in, though I would like to see you in #21 as well!

  3. love the antique store..and the eiffel tower shot

  4. Great shots in Paris!!! The lamp posts are gorgeous and the bakery looks delicious. Paris has the best baguettes...

  5. What a great place to get so many of your shots! Sigh - what an advantage! :) I love them all.

  6. WOW super start to the hunt. Think "you" needed to be in the #21 photo though but the poppies are gorgeous against such a blue sky. BJ

  7. Now that is a beautiful bakery and just the place everyone loves to visit