Tuesday, 13 January 2015

WOYWW - Holiday Stitching !

Well necessity proved the mother of invention on Sunday as I set about stitching for the first time in weeks !

We are off on holiday to Barbados next month - this destination has been on Much Beloved's Bucket List for ages - so we are heading out there whilst we can healthwise etc !

We had planned to take his electric scooter but we have found out they have American voltage electricity which is only half as powerful as the UK so we won't be able to charge the battery !

Thankfully we have found out in time to change our plans over to taking the manual wheelchair - so I need to get my pushing muscles ready !

And it meant that the bag I had made for taking towels and so on to the pool on our last holiday won't be any good - so I had to devise a wheelchair friendly large bag.

I went over to Lynda's on Saturday - we had a lovely afternoon with chatting, lush muffins and playing in her craftroom - whilst the Boys were out watching footie in the freezing cold - hmm - tough choice - NOT !!

She helped me plan out the bag & make a few templates - so on Sunday I was able to cut, layout the pieces to plan how to construct the bag with front & back pockets and the straps to hang neatly from the chair handles.

I have to admit there was some blood, sweat & swearing involved !

Thankfully the blood (I had forgotten how sharp quilting pins are !!) sponged out and Much Beloved didn't blush too much at my swearing !!

But happily it turned out okay - and we test ran it with the beach towels in it on the back of the wheelchair and it looks like it should work fine !!
And I can't resist using up the scraps of fabric - so I had to make a quick cover for my Kindle too !

So not a huge amount on my desk this week as that was my crafting this week .. some Lavinia Toppers I had forgotten that I had and this month's Creativity magazine - and a snowflake picture ready to copy onto a Journal card - inspired by the brave little snowflakes in Lynda;s garden !

Just a couple of journal pages to add - "Pathways" is week 1 challenge for Journal 52 2015 ....
And "Book Pages" is for the Documented Life Project Journal Challenge - they gave us this quote which I loved !

Enjoy your crafty week ! Ali x


  1. Hi Ali,

    Your bag came out perfectly! As for the electricity; aren't there converters or that wouldn't work? Great Kindle cover also. Have a wonderful time on your trip. I bet it feels good to cross something off the bucket list!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (no # yet)

  2. Wow! What a professional looking bag. Good thing you found out soon enough about the voltage issues. I am sure you are dying to get away from the snow and looking forward to your trip.

  3. Barbados!!! I'm jealous but happy for you and cant wait to see photos of your trip, Love that chair bag
    Bridget #1

  4. Hope you both enjoy the holiday, well done for getting it ticked off the list! The bag looks great, what a fab idea. Helen #5

  5. What a brilliant bag!! You did an amazing job! I hope you have a lovely trip.

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #17

  6. Great bag - I too have been sewing this week and there were a few choice words here too! Love your journaling too. Have a great week - Sunshine Girl #13

  7. Great bag and it looks sturdy enough to carry everything you will need. Have a wonderful holiday
    sandra de @25

  8. I really love your pathways page, it's so striking. The wheelchair bag make is great. I looked online for one and they are all ugly. I may have to make one too.

    Horace @ no. 50

  9. Hi Ali, happy WOYWW. Your bag is fabulous - will definitely make it easier to with handling the wheel chair. Cheers RobynO#51

  10. Hi Ali! Saw you on Lynda's blog earlier! Barbados sounds wonderful, especially at this time of year! Lovely beach bag - it looks very practical and just the right size for the wheelchair. Have a great time in Barbados and please spare a few thoughts for those of us stuck in dreary Britain! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #47

  11. Hi Ali, how lovely Barbados, we started there when we had the cruise through the Panama, only saw the port though. love the bag and matching case, at least you should have the weather there to use the beach towels!!
    Jan x

  12. Lucky you going to Barbados :) That bag looks perfect for all the beachy sorts of things one must haul. I like your DLP page..that is such a great quote. Happy WOYWW Shel#56

  13. Wow you have been busy! Cute bag! And love the journal page! Thanks for stopping by my blog too for WOYWW! Have a great vacation in Barbados! Fun!
    Rhonda #75

  14. Do enjoy your holiday! The bag is lovely!
    Angie #77

  15. Your sound like you've got it all organised, how lovely to have such a wonderful holiday to look forward to in these dreary winter months. Well done with the bag, it look amazing and perfect for all your beach things and I love the kindle cover too.
    Have a great trip
    Hugs Lisax #38

  16. Well done Ali! That bag you made looks pretty and practical! Very nice fabric! Holidays in Barbados - ENVY!!! Here it is gray and cold and wet....
    Tanks for visiting earlier!
    Gabriele 32

  17. Great bag and I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. 78

  18. Wow, that bag looks amazing, it totally fits your needs - isn't it the nicest when you make it yourself?! Have a great time at Barbados!! Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #50

  19. Good job on the quick fix for tote bag. It came out very nice. Thanks for visit earlier. I do a lot of swaps and challenges and that kind of dictates what I'll work on next. Judy #74

  20. I'm late!
    you sure pack in a lots in a week girly, of all the people I know that needs a holiday..! The wheelchair bag is great..I hope it isn't far from room to beach anyway, but be sure to weigh it down with stuff so it doesn't swing and in turn hit your shins and his back every step! love the fabric!