Tuesday, 20 January 2015

WOYWW - A Winter's Tale

Just a short post as not a huge amount happening on the craft desk this week !

Just my Journal going on ...it's sort of a combo of 3 Journal ideas & challenges ...

I am making a short note each day and noting the weather ... and I am using a fun Dodo diary my Mum bought me for Christmas ...

This is then combined with a small picture inspired by the week ... this idea is from the No Excuses Journaling book.

I have done a little water colour of snowdrops .. inspired by the first ones I saw flowering bravely in Lynda's garden last weekend..
This past week has been very cold with snow on Wednesday - 2 cars to scrape clear before we could get to work !!
And Saturday was solid ice - it must have snowed in the night & then frozen solid afterwards - so we had an inch & a half thick of ice to chip off again !
Half an hour to clear one car !!
I don't how you guys who live in snowy places cope day after day - the slightest snow here and everything grinds to a halt !
Hence this week's little picture was of Icicles
I used a pearlescent texture paste .. to create the Icicles - Broken China Distress Stain for the background and sparkling embossed snowflakes ...

This weeks Journal 52 was to create a page inspired by a conversation I had had this week ... I must have a very short memory because I couldn't really recall anything !!

So I decided that my Appraisal which I had last Friday at work sort of counted as a conversation !

The Documented Life challenge this week was to use Gesso.

So this page sort of came together ... a Gesso base layer, I used Gesso through a Dylusions stencil with different sized figures of a woman ... she is supposed to represent me - but is much slimmer than me !!
The words are some of the competencies that I get judged on ... it doesn't quite feel finished but it is coming along !

Well that's all folks - have a great crafty week ! Ali xx


  1. Looks like you've been busy though... your appraisal page looks good, love that you've turned the event into a piece of art! We've not had any snow here, just a few frosts - long may it stay that way! Helen 4

  2. Such lovely creations for your journal!! LOVE the icicle one the best!!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #14

  3. Happy WOYWW
    love Mrs C.xx #29


  4. Good luck with your journal, you have made agood start (and reminded to walk down the garden to check out my snowdrops and that I really should be preparing for my appraisal tomorrow!!) Happy WOYWW Cindy #50

  5. We haven't seen any snow here in the region of the Netherlands that I live (Zeeland) although other provinces had snow earlier this year... I haven't seen snowdrops either, by the way... but I was thinking of buying me a pot of daffodils to bring Spring into the house. (These flowerbulbs are cheap here...) I joined 'the Documented Life' project too... will upload my first pages to the group later this week. Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #51

  6. Your journal pages are lovely and i like the idea of combining the challenges. We've not had snow here yet so we've been lucky. It's certainly cold though.

    Horace@ no. 45

  7. Ali your journal pages are lovely, don't know how you find the time for it all, thankfully we haven't seen snow only the the mountain, that's how cold it's been here, quite unusual as you know.
    Jan x

  8. Love all your pages. I really like the idea of documenting the weather. It's certainly cold here today with plenty of snow. Roll on spring.
    hugs Lisax #31

  9. Your journal is turning out great and you are keeping up with challenges :) Great job. Love the little snowdrop watercolor. Shel#71

  10. What a great journal! Your pages are fun. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #59

  11. Wonderful pages. I love your snowdrops!
    Gabriele 36

  12. Happy WOYWW. So much wonderful arty stuff on your desk as usual. I never finished Journal 52 last year (got to about no. 7 I think!), and already a journal I should be doing for a Photoshop course is currently empty. I have accepted that journaling regularly is not for me. Just trying to blog is too much for me most of the time. I promise I used to be organised and a real achiever! How wonderful you are off to Barbados. Always wanted to go there too. We got married in Jamaica and that was heaven in many parts. Ali x #64

  13. Thanks for the visit earlier and I had to laugh at your comment that having to shift through all your craft stash and discover how much it cost might tarnish your memory forever. I'm afraid you might be right! As far as snow.... we don't do that stuff here but a couple of years ago we got an inch of snow and quite literally the town shut down. That is because a lot of bridges iced up so they closed them since we only have one deicing crew. I watched a city bus turn a corner and come sliding sideways at me in slow motion. The bus driver and I didn't get the notice that the city was closed. I mean, c'mon, it was just a little snow! But us desert folks we don't know what to do with it. Pretty little journal and fun prompts. I like that many journal projects are run via prompts. I think that helps you think of things to write about. Judy #76

  14. I love that you are painting the pictures for your journal and where I live ( we are not having winter here this year) but, when we were young we had no indoor parking for cars so, I remember those scrapping days. ( now we have a garage to park inside) which is really a nice thing to be spoiled with. thanks for the earlier visit :) ~ Stacy #75

  15. Lovely things on your desk. x

  16. I think that defrosting the car is the worst job caused by the winter weather...it always means getting up earlier to allow time and that's just plain rude! I love that you're combining the various journal prompts, makes a lot of sense to me. I hope your appraisal conversation was entirely positive!

  17. love the pages. I am hating winter right now so wont comment on the ice! Hope your appraisal was good. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #33

  18. So weird that snow can be such a problem somewhere, we are more like glad that it really came at last...because our daylight is still short, and the snow makes it bearable. Just today I was glad to realize that the sun was up when I walked to the bus at eight! The problem is, of course if it gets less frosty and starts melting, because that results in the ice... My snowdrops won't peek out before March, so pictures will have to do until then! Hugs from Finland and happy woyww!
    Kristiina #30

  19. Ugh I still remember those days of scraping and in Denver Colo digging the car out from a few feet of snow each morning. Aahhhh so glad I live in sunny but chilly daytona beach now. Warm hugs. Thanks for the earlier visit! Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #71